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Why Paying for Facebook Reach is Actually AWESOME!

Posted 21 July, 2014

Why_Paying_for_Facebook_Reach_is_Actually_AWESOME-lspaying for Facebook reachLots of people hate having to pay to increase their Facebook reach.

Not me!

Sure, when Facebook updated their news feed algorithm recently, I was frustrated -- at first.

Then I realized I was actually glad that Facebook tightened the news feed. The changes make the Facebook experience better for normal users.

Which I'm all for!

These days, people Like more pages & have a lot more Facebook friends than they did 5 years ago.

Facebook has more than a billion potential customers -- and having to pay to reach these folks makes perfect sense to me -- here's why:

Why Paying for Facebook Reach is Actually AWESOME!

1. Gets Rid of Spammers

facebook-reachLess spam on Facebook might be the best thing about recent changes to the news feed algorithm.

Facebook is serious about making the content in the news feed as relevant as possible.

Thankfully, those annoying "LIKE IF YOU AGREE" posts are becoming things of the past.

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2. Must Get Serious

All the hoopla about Facebook reach really just means the social network has grown up.

Business owners used to rely on Facebook for FREE advertising & Likes.

Now the freeloaders are leaving as serious & sophisticated page owners reap massive rewards. You must take Facebook seriously if you plan to succeed.

That's how to get customers on social media.

It ain't just free advertising.

3. Emphasizes Relevance

Getting as many Likes as possible used to be the main goal for businesses on Facebook.

But those strategies have changed along with the news feed algorithm.

These days, just because you have lots of Likes, doesn't mean your fans will see all your posts. Just because somebody Likes your page doesn't mean they'll see your content.

Today's best page managers focus on gaining relevant fans by posting amazing content targeted at their key audience.

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Strong, engaging posts are necessary for building any Facebook page.


4. Targets Key Audience

Many people refuse to pay to boost their Facebook posts. But this is a great way to reach fans who Like your page but may not be seeing your content in the news feed.

I’m happy to pay to expose my posts to more people. Facebook is one of the least expensive places to advertise -- dirt cheap compared to traditional advertising on television or in a newspaper. And lots more targeted!

Post Planner blogger Scott Ayres spent $20 boosting posts to gain more than $2,400 in sales:

5. Reaches New Fans

Facebook ads make it easy & inexpensive to reach new customers on social media.

A couple dollars can expose your content to a whole new crowd. And steadily growing your community on Facebook can be a cinch when you spend your advertising dollars wisely.

Touting Facebook, Chris Brogan said it's one of the best places for generating customer engagement & leads.


6. Keeps Things Interesting

Finally, what I LOVE about the Facebook news feed algorithm -- its keeps the posts interesting.

You have to post entertaining, engaging content or you might as well not even exist on Facebook.

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The news feed algorithm forces you to be interesting.

Some of the most influential pages offer some of the greatest value, which keeps fans interested in the content.



The best page managers know how to get customers on Facebook.

They accept the fact that the social network has matured. Get serious & provide value for your fans.

Then set aside money for advertising so you can deliver that awesome content to more people.

Many of you probably disagree. Please sound off in the comments below.

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