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36 No-brainer Social Media Tips for Boring Brands & Products

Posted 02 April, 2013

36_No-brainer_Social_Media_Tips_for_Boring_Brands__Productsboring-brandSocial media is probably the greatest tool ever known for marketing products & services.

But what if you sell a product or service that basically bores people to tears? Can Facebook and other social networks still work for you?

I'd argue yes.

For example, look at what Blendtec has done with their "Will it Blend" series of videos. They've taken a boring product -- a blender -- and made it a cultural icon.

I started thinking about how to help companies with boring products after doing my recent fan page review for Mr. Bee's Appliance. I worked in the appliance sales & repair business for almost 4 years, so I know what it feels like trying to make a run-of-the-mill product sexy.

Anyway, I came up with 36 tips. Check them out below.

Note: these aren't just Facebook tips. You can use them on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, or any other social network.

36 Awesome Social Media Tips for Boring Products

  1. Post at least 3-4 times a week, but once a day is even better
  2. Don't be "salesy" -- follow the 70/20/10 rule: 70% informative, 20% other people's posts, 10% sales
  3. Be personable -- people want to see the personal side of your business
  4. Use blog posts to drive traffic to your site
  5. Write "How to" posts related to your product
  6. Post information about your community
  7. Be unpredictable
  8. Share pictures of your staff getting involved in the community
  9. Share customer reviews & testimonials
  10. Post pictures of customers using & buying your product/service
  11. Create contests for your fans on Facebook and give away awesome (relevant) prizes
  12. For brick & mortar businesses -- encourage fans to check-in while at your business (even better if they get a discount)
  13. Choose one social media network & master it -- you don't have to be on every site!
  14. Host a live Q&A once per month using a webinar platform or something like Spreecast or Google+ Hangouts
  15. Promote your referral or affiliate program
  16. Do a weekly podcast discussing hot topics in your niche and giving how-to tips
  17. Encourage customers to post pictures & reviews to your Facebook page
  18. Change out your Cover Photo on Facebook at least twice a month
  19. Never be negative
  20. Share posts from "experts" in your niche
  21. Have a weekly or monthly plan of what you're going to post each day
  22. Run a "Promoted Posts" to re-engage with lost fans
  23. Post about fresh & timely current events -- but stay away from politics!
  24. Use Facebook as a fan page and comment on other local or similar pages as your page (but don't spam with links)
  25. Post informative videos about your boring product, but make them funny (and short)
  26. Don't beg your followers & fans for Likes
  27. When sharing content from others, include a brief text with your thoughts
  28. Ask great questions about your product -- for example: Who invented the 1st "boring product"?
  29. Dig through Quora and find what people are asking about in your niche -- then answer their questions on Quora & Facebook.
  30. Create events and fill the event page with great images of your business, products & staff
  31. Start a Facebook Group around your niche product -- people tend to talk more in groups
  32. Schedule posts for the weekends & after hours -- the majority of Facebook users are online during this time
  33. Choose & recognize publicly a "Fan of the Week" or "Month" -- Booshaka's a great app for this!
  34. If your product is visually appealing, create a board on Pinterest & encourage your fans to share
  35. Be active on your page! Reply to every comment and message -- it only helps your Edgerank
  36. ???

What's tip #36?

That's where you come in.

Leave a comment below and let me know a tip I didn't cover. Make sure it's one that could help any brand on social media -- even the boring ones.

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