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How to Start a Successful Blog... Today!

Posted 01 July, 2015



Do you want to build a successful blog?

One of the best ways I know how is through consistency. 

Aristotle said it best.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

No one knows this better than blogging superstar Diana Adams. 

With over 4100 blog posts under her belt, Diana knows what consistency can do for a blogger.

With numbers like those, we had to invite her to #ViralChat to find out how she did it. And it seems you were dying to know too!

The  chat numbers were huge:

  • 385 contributors
  • 2592 tweets
  • 3.8 million reach
  • 154 million impressions

That's a lot of people talking about blogging all in the span of one hour!

Wondering how Diana has built a career around blogging? Below is a summary of the chat and an Infographic for you to save, share and PIN! 

How to Start a Successful Blog...Today!

Q1: Where do you get inspired? How do you come up with blog ideas?

A1) I love writing so I'm always ready to write. :) I'm constantly thinking about things to blog about. I keep an ongoing list. @adamsconsulting

When I come across an idea, quote or theory I try 2 apply it 2 something different love how ideas can be applied to anything @JoelRRenner

Blog post ideas are everywhere! When you're a blogger, you have to keep your eyes, mind, & heart open to the possibilities. @MrsMAFoodie

I use a swipe file to easily swipe ideas as I make my way across the web. Saves time when looking for inspiration later! @rebekahradice

Q2: Blogging takes time. A lot of time. How do you make time for blogging?

A2) I'm blessed with insomnia. I write between 3am - 7am. If I don't do it first in the day, I won't do it. Know yourself. LOL @adamsconsulting

You have no choice whether to blog or not... It's the life blood of your brand... #MAKETIME @JackKosakowski1

Schedule time on your calendar just like you do for appointments or working out. Make it an appointment! @johnlusher


Q3: So what do you do when you hit writer's block?

A3) I don't get writer's block anymore because I don't wait for inspiration to strike before I write. I just do it. It's a habit. @adamsconsulting

When you hit writers block, walk away. Do something to free your mind. Then, revisit the situation with a fresh mind. @Maegan_Holloway

When i have a writer’s block, I exercise! it relaxes me and gives me ideas. @askaaronlee

Q4: How do you find blog ideas or topics your audience loves?

A4) Don't be too broad. Focus your topics. I learned that from @PegFitzpatrick. For me: tech, #sm and geek stuff like #StarWars. @adamsconsulting

I write what I know or interests me, which should naturally translate to audience. @momfari

Learn your audience, understand what inspires them. Listen first then meet them at their place. @mirirod

Q5: Headlines are important, how do you write an attention grabbing headline? 

A5) Attention grabbing headlines are not boring. If it looks like a title that will get lost in your #Twitter stream, rework it @adamsconsulting

I write at least 5 headlines for each blog post and pick the best for my blog @askaaronlee

As a former reporter, I really like headlines. Think billboard. Sell it in as few words as possible. @adambakertweets


Q6: What types of posts work best for you?

A6) Depends on my mood. I like short and sweet tech post (350 words). I love long list posts too. Infographic posts get high CTR. @adamsconsulting

Definitely lists of tools. @seosmarty

For instant boost, posts that feature ideas from high-profile people. For long term, ones with strong images for Pinterest. @carlayoung

Summing up. 

Here are some excellent takeaways from the ViralChat this week:

  • Be authentic, be unique, develop a voice and tell stories to stand out in your blog
  • Do this: If you have a writer's block, run around the block
  • Force yourself to write even if you're not inspired
  • Remember: Consistency will make you a better blogger
  • Look for topic ideas everywhere... and be sure to write them down
  • Focus on a niche instead of writing too broadly
  • Know your audience
  • Write your passion
Click on the button below to download the full-sized Infographic:



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