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Have You Seen These 20 BuzzFeed Videos that CRUSHED it on Facebook?

Posted 09 January, 2015

Have_You_Seen_These_20_BuzzFeed_Videos_that_CRUSHED_it_on_Facebook-lsvideos that crushed it on facebookThe BuzzFeed Video Facebook page has 3 million Likes & counting!

It took off when videos started autoplaying in the news feed.

People just can't seem to scroll past active videos -- especially when the content is:

  1. relevant
  2. entertaining
  3. brief

Videos will continue to be some of the most shared content on the web -- so you should learn to post great videos if you hope to succeed at content marketing.

There are tons of lessons to learn from BuzzFeed Video.

That's why I compiled a list of BuzzFeed vids in this post. They'll give you a good idea of what goes viral on Facebook.

Keep in mind -- each clip was viewed millions of times!

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Have You Seen These 20 BuzzFeed Videos that CRUSHED it on Facebook?

Each video below offers unique tips any marketer can put to use. Watch carefully & apply some of the principles to your content creation.

Some of the vids are funny. Some are controversial.

But they all have one thing in common -- each was viewed buy a shit-ton of people!

1. 11 Truths Everyone Over 6 Feet Tall Knows

In just 6 weeks, this video got more than 6.1 million views!


2. If Cats Told You What They Were Thinking

Ever wonder what your cats are thinking?

This video has been viewed more than 15 million times!


3. 21 Amazing Food Feelings You Can't Resist

With no words or text, this video was viewed over 2 million times.


4. People Try Moonshine for the First Time

6.4 million views in 6 weeks.


5. Guys Recreate Kim Kardashian's Butt Photo

Attempting to #breaktheinternet, BuzzFeed used actors for this awkward clip. But you can't help but watch!

It's been viewed more than 4 million times.


6. What Your Girlfriend Says Vs. What She Means

With over 2.3 million views, this video apparently caught lots of people's attention (not just the guys).


7. Watch A Bunch Of People Try Snacks From Their Childhood For The First Time In Years

This one was a trip down memory lane. And it's been viewed more than a million times.


8. 9 New iPhone Tricks That'll Change Your Life

More than a million views in less than 24 hours. BuzzFeed is crushing it!


9. Giant Men Get Piggyback Rides For The First Time

Of course THIS video has more than 2.3 million views!


10. This Video Perfectly Captures How It Feels To Wait For Someone To Text You Back

Ever stared at your phone waiting on someone to text you back?


11. 11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

12 million views & counting!


12. If Men Were Disney Princesses

Ummm... more than 5 million views?!


13. Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill

Here's a controversial piece that ruffled some tail-feathers & has been viewed about 2 million times.


14. What Guys Think Of Girl Names

This funny video was viewed more than 14 million times in only a few weeks!


15. What Girls Think Of Guy Names

And about 7 million people have wondered what girls think of guy names.


16. Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos

This video was a hit with more than 9 million views!


17. 33 Thoughts Every Woman Has In Target

Target addicts (like my wife), unite -- 12 million views!


18. Can You Bacon It?

Everything is better with bacon, right? More than a million people wanted to find out.


19. Women Try Men’s Underwear For The First Time

This video has more than 6 million views -- go figure!


20. What It’s Like To Be Bad At Social Media

A fitting way to end the list -- and only a million views. :P


Take a Cue from BuzzFeed Video

See anything you liked? Learn any lessons?

Here's what makes BuzzFeed videos so popular:

  • High Quality
  • Subject Matter Appeals to Target Audience
  • Brevity
  • Original Content
  • Humor
  • Familiar
  • Controversial
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Hint, hint... ;)

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