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4 Facebook Business Page Tips That Are Total No-Brainers

Posted 22 August, 2014

4_Facebook_Business_Page_Tips_That_Are_Total_No-Brainers-lsfacebook business page tipsI receive emails like this almost every day:


I'm just starting out with a business page on Facebook and I'm really confused about what I should do and where I should start. Can you give me some tips on what makes a Facebook page successful?


This is not an easy question. It's really kinda hard. There are so many factors that determine whether your Facebook page is successful:

  • What type of page? And what type of business?
  • Do you have fans on other social networks?
  • Is your brand global or local?
  • Is it a page for a nonprofit?
  • Do you sell products on the page?
  • Do you have a website?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you willing to invest in Facebook ads?
  • Is it MLM?
  • Is the page for entertainment purposes?
  • Do you have a design budget & team?

And perhaps most importantly: How do YOU define success?

I could probably list 100 other items to watch out for on your page. Instead, I have 4 Facebook business page tips that will help you start succeeding today.

4 Facebook Business Page Tips That Are Total No-Brainers

Here we go.

1. Get Targeted Likes

facebook-business-page-tipsFacebook Likes aren't as valuable as they used to be -- nor are all Likes created equal.

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Now Facebook users can follow a page to receive updates without ever officially clicking Like. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get new fans.

The key is getting targeted Likes from people who will Like, share & comment on your posts. Don't start asking your cousins, classmates or mom to Like your page -- unless they plan to engage with your content.

These days, lack of engagement can actually hurt your page!

Use page Like ads to target people by interest & location. Those are the folks who could become your customers.

The delivery area for my bounce house business spans 30 miles. Therefore, I target my page Like ads at people who live in that area.

I'm not likely to do business with those living elsewhere. Those folks might engage with my posts, but what good is that if they don't ever buy from me?

Unless your page is for entertainment only, these Likes aren't worth the effort. Make sure to target the right people with your Facebook ads.

2. Use Awesome Profile & Cover Images

facebook-business-page-tipsYour profile & cover images are important, but don't spend a bunch of money on design.

Use your company logo as your profile photo. That's the most important image on your page.

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And don't put text, a phone number or website on your profile photo.

Keep it simple, but make sure to brand your business so people will recognize the image in the news feed.

And you should probably only change your profile photo once or twice a year. Changing the image can cause brand confusion, which could result in lower engagement & reach.

I'm a big ShortStack fan. And not just because they sent me a jar of moonshine. Those folks are sharp!

They recently changed the branding for their app & website, and with that came this new Facebook profile image:


It's a clean logo & I dig it, but when you see it in the news feed the image looks like this:


Can you read the text?

Here's what it looks like on my smartphone:


The news feed makes it very hard to read the text. The image is cool enough to stand on its own.

Do you remember the profile images ShortStack used several months ago?


The quirky stack of pancakes was highly recognizable even when the image changed to match special events or holidays. Using the new logo as a profile pic may cause confusion at first.

As for your cover photo, don't over think it & don't pay a graphic designer to create it for you.

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People won't even see your cover photo unless they leave the news feed to visit your page.

Use a photo of your business or customers, or create a simple graphic using the Canva cover photo creation tool -- which is free!

Here's the photo I use for my bounce house business:


Keep it simple.

3. Experiment With How Often You Post

facebook-business-page-tipsSome Facebook experts say you should post just once a day... others say 10 posts a day aren't enough.

They all might be right. It depends on your business & audience. To boost engagement, I say post as often as you can. If that means 20 posts a day -- go for it!

You might find you don't need to post that often to get engagement on your page, and that fans are more responsive when you post fewer times.

The key is to test to see what works best for your page.

Just like snowflakes, no 2 pages are alike. Most advice you read about the right number of posts or even the right time to post is crap because it's probably just based on the writer's experience managing pages.

4. Buy Facebook Ads

facebook-business-page-tipsThe point of running a Facebook page is to get more exposure & customers for your business. But many people hate the idea of spending money on Facebook ads.

It's a fact of life, folks. Unless you buy ads, your page will go nowhere.

The good thing about Facebook ads compared to other advertising is that you can target people in all sorts of categories. Businesses on Facebook should budget money for:

  • Page Like Ads (at least $1 per day)
  • Boosted Posts (great for getting quick engagement)
  • News Feed Ads (require more knowledge but can pay off big time)

Start by spending about $50 a month. I currently spend about $50 per month on Page Like ads for my small business & another $50-$75 on boosted posts.

Treat your Facebook ad budget as you would a utility bill -- a necessary cost of doing business!

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Start Building Your Facebook Page

Master these 4 tips & your page will be off & running.

I hope you see some success.

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