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Fix Your Facebook Page with This Simple Operation [Infographic]

Posted 17 August, 2013

Fix_Your_Facebook_Page_with_This_Simple_Operationfacebook-page-operationRemember the shear panic you felt when the buzzer went off in the old "Operation" game?

I know I do -- still scares me to this day!

And I could never get the dang "spare ribs" out without hearing that buzzer!

I bring this up because I have some ideas I want to share with you -- ideas I pulled from the folks at Socially Stacked.

Fix Your Facebook Page w/ a Simple "Operation"

Below are the key takeaways -- along with some embellishments of my own!

Get Seen: Use Your Cover Photo

  • Express something important about your brand
  • Include a clear call to action (yes this is allowed now!)
  • Remember: a news feed story shows to fans when you add a new cover
  • Include a URL in the description whenever you change your cover photo

Get Smarter: Utilize Insights

  • Check your Insights at least once per month
  • Monitor to see what posts are performing best
  • Leverage Insights for Ad targeting

Stand Out: Enhance Status Updates

Define Your Style: Have a Personality

  • Educate all page admins on the communication style of your page
  • Decide on a tone - fun, funny, informational, journalistic, etc.
  • Be consistent

Be Mobile: Always Be Accessible

  • More than half of Facebook users access FB on mobile only
  • Ensure your page's 3rd party apps are accessible on mobile
  • Shortstack recommends using QR codes (personally I think these are dead, but I may be wrong)

Get Engaged: Build Your Tribe

  • Engage with all messages, notifications & comments
  • Like your fans comments
  • Respond to all questions -- even criticism
  • Call fans by first name when responding
  • Leave negative feedback on your page so others can see how you respond

Get Stronger: Feature Your Best Apps

  • Make sure only your most important 3 apps show on your Timeline
  • Use a Call to Action in your app thumbnail
  • Keep apps up-to-date & relevant

Get There Faster: Utilize Facebook Ads

  • Target users with ads to gain interested fans
  • Use Sponsored Stories & Promoted Posts wisely
  • Learn to use Power Editor (only for Advances users)

Don't Forget The Details: Leverage the About Section

  • List your url first -- you don't need the 'http://'
  • Fill out completely
  • Be keyword mindful
  • This is your "Elevator Pitch" -- use the space wisely

Be Flexible: Swap out your Profile Photo

  • Shortstack recommends changing the profile photo to reflect the seasons (only do this if you are good at graphics -- otherwise leave it)
  • Complement your cover photo -- be consistent with your branding


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