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How a Small Facebook Page with 50k Fans Increased Organic Reach by 3000% for FREE!

Posted 10 May, 2015

How_a_Small_Facebook_Page_with_50k_Fans_Increased_Organic_Reach_by_3000-ls1facebook organic reachSome say Facebook marketing is dead.

I even thought so... until I read an article that changed my mind.

The article talked about how a Facebook page had gathered 8,000 REAL likes without relying on ads. I couldn't believe it! Wasn't everyone touting the death of organic reach?

I decided to give their tactics a try -- and WOW!

That article was the beginning of a huge change for the Super Baby Facebook page.

I followed the 4 suggestions and one thing became clear: Facebook marketing (and organic reach) were definitely NOT dead!

So if you want to spark rapid growth on your Facebook page, keep reading! I'll show you how you can do the same on your page.

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How a Small Facebook Page with 50k Fans Increased Organic Reach by 3000% for FREE!

B.C. -- The situation BEFORE the big CHANGE

At Super Baby online, we rely hugely on Facebook to get customers to our website, so we used to run a lot of Facebook Boost Post promotions in order to gain reach.

That didn't get us too far...

Take a look at this example of our Facebook Boost Post results:


This was one of our posts that scored HIGH on Reach.

But as you can see, 20,152 out of 21,972 (92%) were paid. Want to guess what that cost us? (give me your best figure in the Comments)

Worse yet -- in spite of the Boost, we pulled only 2 Comments and 9 Shares from our efforts!

(Saying that is POOR ENGAGEMENT may be the understatement of the day.)

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Here’s another example of how (NOT) to get more Likes on a Facebook Page:


This Facebook Boost Post helped us get a total of 14 Likes, Comments, and Shares -- and over half of the reach was paid.

No matter what we tried, our organic results averaged around 2,000 in Reach, and the engagement numbers were always dismal.

That was BEFORE I read that article..

A.D. -- How the magic happened AFTER we DID it

I saw a Post Planner article titled:

My initial reaction was, "Yeah, right!"... but I opened the post and begin reading anyway.

I was verging on desperate.

At the end of the article there were 4 Key Takeaways listed. I figured: "What do I have to lose by trying?" and decided I would give it a go.

I signed up for Post Planner's Guru plan (to make sure I had access to a variety of top-performing content options), and set out for the Promised Land.

Here's what happened:

after postplanner success

Our page realized a whopping 3000% increase in organic reach (from an average of 2,000 to 58,336 people reached).

And all of this BOOST was absolutely FREE!

(Note: Our Likes came in at 3,130 and we received 71 Comments.)

That's more like it!!!

I want us to grow even more, but at least we're headed in the right direction!

Here's another example, launched 4 days later. This one pulled an organic reach of 49,216.

organic reach on facebook

Organic Likes (for FREE) beat Boost Posts hands down!

I'm not saying it is never wise to pay for Boosts or ads. Every situation is different.

What I'm saying is that it is not NECESSARY to pay for results.

Why not get the most out of your organic work and use paid posts to augment (rather than vice versa)?

organic likes for free

As you can see, just after these breakaway posts were released, organic Likes of our Page were at the highest (almost a 300% increase).

And every single one of those Likes, Comments, and Shares were FREE!

(Other than the $19 I paid Post Planner to use their Guru app, of course!) :)

If you're a non-believer, take a look at how our new Post Planner-fueled strategy pushed the average engagement per post over that of Super Baby competitors. (see the screenshot)



THAT, my friend, is called "Money in the bank!"



Lessons learned about how to promote your Facebook Page

Here are some of the lessons we've learned so far on the journey. Our hope is that you can use them (in conjunction with the article) to skyrocket your RESULTS too!

1. Be Data-Driven in your posting

Stop guessing what content people will respond to.

Stop posting on a hunch!

Instead, use Post Planner to find content that has ALREADY proven itself in past "experiments" (postings by other pages). Then you can base your posting decisions on hard data, not on hopes and hunches!

2. Always think from the audience's point of view

Facebook promised they would show content their users want to see. So we thought, “What would our audience like to see?” And it worked!

Google Trends is the go-to tool we use to analyze what’s trending and consider whether we can post something relative.

2. Never forget that QUALITY Content is KING

Facebook cares as much as you care about reader engagement.

Articles that are read give you klout. Quick bounce-rates (not interesting enough to read) hurt your standings -- whether with Facebook or another search engine.

And there is no better place to find quality content to share than Post Planner. The tool saved our bacon -- that's for sure.

3. Give people quotes they can relate to

Quotes are good. But not all quotes are good. Think about the kind of quotes your audience will like -- and make sure you're choosing quotes that have already proven themselves in past postings.

The more Likes, Shares, and Tags your post gets, the more likely it is to get a higher reach.

4. Post about food if you want to grow your list

Everyone loves food. And everyone loves articles and photos on food. Depending on your niche, it may be difficult to bring food into the picture -- but it is ALWAYS possible.

Every post we have shared about food has been a star performer.

Every single one!

5. Tell stories and your audience will listen

If you have an interesting story with original pictures, share it. The world loves to read real-life stories. If you don't have one of your own, share someone else's.

People and their stories about how they overcame adversity are a never-ending source of inspiration.

Conclusion: STOP trying to think of clever things to say on Facebook and BE DATA-DRIVEN instead!

So, what are you waiting for?

Using Post Planner, I've just laid out a clear and proven track to run on.

So go on!.. get to work. Increase your organic reach TODAY!

When you've got some numbers to brag about, share them in the Comments for other Post Planner lovers to see!

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