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How to Find Cool & Sexy Instagram Names that Aren't Taken

Posted 27 January, 2021
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How_to_Find_Sexy_Instagram_Names_when_Yours_is_Already_Taken-lssexy instagram namesWondering how to find cool Instagram names that aren't taken?

Wondering how to tweak your Instagram handle to get the sexy username you want?

You're in the right place.

As you know, before you decide what to post on Instagram, you need a killer username.

But what if the name you want is already taken??

Below are 20 ways to tweak your handle to find the most sexy Instagram names ever.

Some of these tips are easy -- others require a bit more thought. But they'll all have you getting more followers and likes in no time.

Let me know which of these cool Instagram tricks worked best for you.

And post your sexy Instagram names in the comments below -- after you've secured them online, of course! ;)

How to Find Cool & Sexy Instagram Names that Aren't Taken

Try these tactics and adjustments to get the username you want!

1. Add a Dot

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Adding a period can open lots of opportunities for finding sexy Instagram names. Bella Falconi may have used this technique:

2. Use Your Initials

Add an initial to your name.

3. Add an Underscore

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Use an underscore as a space in your Instagram username.

4. Use Your Niche or Industry

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Add your niche or industry to create a sexy Instagram name.

5. Add Other Letters

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Add other letters to modify an Instagram name that's already taken.

6. Change Spelling

Replace C with K or change other letters in a similar way.

7. Use “App” (if it applies)

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App companies sometimes use "App" in their Instagram names.

8. Add the Word "Team"

Using “Team” in your username helps people connect with your business.

9. Use Your Domain Name

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A domain can make a sexy Instagram name.

10. Add "The"

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It's easy to add "The" to almost any Instagram name.

11. Use “This is” or “I am”

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These phrases also fit nicely in many usernames.

12. Start with “We are”

"We are" works well for a business or other organization.

13. Add Mr, Mrs or Miss

Find the perfect name by adding a title at the beginning.

14. Use Your Country, City or State

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Tell people where your business is located.

15. "Try", "Use", "Get" or "Join"

One of these might help you get more Likes and followers on Instagram, especially if your business provides some kind of service.

16. Use HQ

HQ (short for headquarters) is an easy way to let your customers know they're in the right place.

17. Use Inc

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Inc works for most any corporation.

18. Add the Word "Ask"

Use "Ask" and brand yourself as an expert in your field.

19. Remove a Letter from Your Name

You'll often find a name you like if you just remove one letter.

20. Spell Your Name Backwards

When all else fails -- spell your name backwards.


Bookmark this guide for the next time Instagram tells you that a name you want is already taken.

Remember: before you learn how to market on Instagram, you need a powerful username.

Once you have an Instagram name you love -- what's next?

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