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Scobleizer: How to Use Facebook to Launch a Product & Throw a Party

Posted 12 November, 2013

Scobleizer-_How_to_Use_Facebook_to_Launch_a_Product__Throw_a_Party-lsage-of-context-sqRobert Scoble -- aka the Scobleizer -- just launched his new book:

Age of Context

Post Planner was lucky enough to attend the launch party this week -- and catch up with the Scobleizer & co-author Shel Israel.

How did they use Facebook to launch their new book & throw a huge launch party?

I asked them this & other questions while mingling with hundreds of rising tech entrepreneurs at the event.

In general, they agreed that business owners & social media managers should try to learn everything they can about their potential customers.

And Facebook is the best place to start.

1. Why is Facebook an awesome opportunity for businesses?


Facebook has a billion people -- and they’re addicted. People are watching Facebook all day long, so it's the best place to reach them.

If you don’t want to reach a billion people, don’t use Facebook!

In fact, it's how I organized this party. I shared the event on Facebook & in 24 hours we had this party sold out.

NOTE: dude does have 600,000 followers!

Shel Israel:

People on Facebook transparently say what they like, how they're feeling, where they are & who their friends are.

That means businesses can use Facebook to learn what customers need.

They can use Facebook to discover where people are going & what they're thinking -- and thereby take advantage of a more contextual approach.

2. How did you use Facebook to write & promote your new book?


We put all our interviews & cover designs up online. We posted everything in public view & asked everyone to respond.

If you want something to happen in the world, you put it up on Facebook.

Shel Israel:

Robert & I have a long history of using social media to crowd source & market our books.

We get consistently interesting feedback -- as well as a lot of heckling.

Our approach with this book was similar to my book Twitterville -- where 70% of the stories came from people on Twitter.

I even got opinions about cover photos.

I try to really involve my community in the books. And I'll tell you -- it’s much better to have people tell you you’re an asshole on Facebook than in a book review.

And yes, this party was promoted on Facebook. We've got 700 people here because my partner did a couple posts!

3. What were the results of using Facebook to promote the book?


Party happened!

Shel Israel:

I have now made more off this book than my last four books combined.

4. What's one “Age of Context” takeaway for businesses trying to boost their bottom line on Facebook?


Get to know your customers!

Get to know them in as much detail as possible.

Facebook is how you do that. Which means if you’re a business & you aren’t using Facebook, you aren’t getting to know your customer.

Shel Israel:

We wrote this book to basically give the business case for social media.

Technology is starting to know us better than our spouses know us. It’s starting to learn what we want before we know we want it.

Businesses need to take advantage of this to learn who, what & where potential customers are.

The book looks at these issues & predicts where things are going -- so you can take advantage.

5. Any parting predictions or advice?


Keeping a repeat customer is far easier than finding a new one.

Facebook helps you do that.

Shel Israel:

If you’re in business in this day & age, social media is critical for your go-forward strategy. Facebook offers a dramatically heightened level of personalization.

Businesses should use social media to cull relevant conversations -- and Facebook is at the center of that.

Bonus question for the Scobleizer

What do you know about Post Planner blogger Scott Ayres?

Scobleizer: I love Scott. ;)

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