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5 LEGIT Reasons to Delete Facebook Mobile App from Your Phone

Posted 16 December, 2014

delete-mobile-facebook-app-lsdelete facebook mobile appI turned off every social media app on my phone on a recent family trip to Disney World.

Yep, even Facebook!

It shocked my wife because as many of you know, I post a lot on Facebook.

I didn't look at Facebook on my phone or computer for 5 days!

Now that I'm back, I'm seriously considering deleting Facebook's mobile app -- mainly because it's a colossal waste of time.

That and 4 other reasons make me want to never use the Facebook mobile app again!

5 LEGIT Reasons to Delete Facebook Mobile App from Your Phone

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1. Wastes Time


How many times have you whipped out your phone & scrolled the news feed only to realize you've wasted 20 minutes looking for a reason to Like or comment on a post?!

This happens to me all the time!

We're wasting time on Facebook's mobile app that could be spent doing more important things.

I certainly didn't want to be tempted to look at my phone while on vacation with my family. But those damn notifications are difficult to ignore!

2. Kills Battery Life

delete-facebookAnother reason I turned off my social media apps was to preserve my phone's charge while on vacation.

The battery life on smartphones isn't great, especially when you're taking pictures & using the My Disney Experience app to find attractions at the park.

Deleting any app from your phone will probably make your battery last longer.

And if your charge is always at zero... deleting the Facebook mobile app might help a lot.

3. Eats Up My Data Plan

data-usageI'm mostly on WiFi when I use my phone at home. But my vacation ate up my data plan in no time.

Running apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google+ sucks lots of data from your mobile plan.

And the costs for exceeding your monthly allotment can be astronomical!

4. Don't Need it Because of Other Apps

Regardless of whether I delete the Facebook app, I still have business pages to manage & messages to respond to in Facebook.

But I can use Facebook's Groups, Pages Manager & Messenger apps on my phone without having Facebook's main mobile app.


These 3 apps let me use the social media website independently... without having to log into Facebook.

Pages Manager App


With the Pages Manager app, I can take care of my business on Facebook without wasting time staring at the news feed.

The app keeps track of the pages I manage on Facebook:


Here's what I see when I select the Post Planner page:


I now can edit, view Insights & manage Facebook ads!





Groups & Messenger Apps

And Facebook's Groups & Messenger apps are every bit as convenient as Pages Manager!











5. To Get Off Social Media!

delete-facebookPerhaps the best reason to delete the Facebook app from your phone is to get off social media & live in the now more often!

Our smartphones keep us from nurturing the important relationships in our lives.

Instead of staring at my phone while on vacation, I spoke with my kids & made memories that'll last a lifetime.

I even spoke with strangers standing in line... now that's social!

Putting down your phone is easier than you think & deleting the Facebook mobile app could be an important first step.

Why I May Delete the Facebook Mobile App

I'm sometimes on Facebook for 10 hours a day depending on what's happening at my job.

The social network consumes my time & sometimes I need a break. Without the app on my phone, I won't be as tempted to check Facebook outside of work.

No more distracting notifications from pages & profiles!

But... I haven't done it yet.

Should I? To vote, click the appropriate "Click to Tweet" below:

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