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The Biggest Crime We Commit Against Our Facebook Pages

Posted 07 August, 2013

The_Biggest_Crime_We_Commit_Against_Our_Facebook_Pagesfacebook-planningWhat's the biggest crime we commit against our Facebook pages?

My answer:

The crime of not making a plan!

When it comes to running a Facebook page, we're all aiming for more engagement.

We've written extensively about engagement on this blog -- and will continue to do so.

Here are a few of those posts:

Ultimately, Facebook engagement depends on (at least) 2 things which you can control:

  1. the quality of your posts
  2. making a plan

Today I'd like to talk about #2 and offer 5 steps to making a solid Facebook engagement plan.

5 Step Plan for More Facebook Engagement

1. Decide what you're going to sharewhattoshare

Chances are you already have a ton of weekly specials, coupons, tips or reminders you share.

This is a great starting point. But what else?

Trying asking yourself these questions:

  • Which customer questions do I find myself answering most often?
  • What subjects do they invariably bring up when I interact with them?
  • What other pages do they like?
    (use the graph search "Pages fans of [your page name] like" to find out)

Answers to these questions should give you a ton of ideas on what content to share.

calendar2. Calendar your posts / events

Plan the majority of your posts out at the beginning of the month.

This will keep you organized & help you avoid having to figure out what to post throughout the month.

But be consistent!

For example, try to post similar content & special offers on the same days each week -- so that your followers know when to expect from you & even anticipate your posts.

often3. Determine how often you will post

Posting 2-3 times a week may be sufficient at first. But with time you should plan to post more often -- at least once or twice a day, for example.

The key is post as much as possible as long as you're getting engagement that satisfies your goals.

*Remember there is no minimum or maximum rule when it comes to posting -- do what works for your page.

4. Identify "who" will engage as your business

theinternship02Besides you, who else will be the voice of your business?

Selecting the right Community Manager can make or break your Facebook page.

In the beginning you may need to be the only one posting or deciding on content.

Or you may consider an intern to do this. Be careful with this.

Remember: you almost always get what you pay for!

5. Set aside time each day to monitor & respond

clock headIt's great to have a plan for your posts, but if you're not going to take the time to respond then you shouldn't post at all!

Set aside 10 minutes each day at a specific time to monitor & respond to inquiries.

Answering questions & responding to posts quickly is important -- and provides great customer service.

What else?

Those are the 5 steps I use. Now it's your turn.

What steps are in your plan to increase engagement on your page?

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