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FINALLY! A Quiz that Measures Your Social Media Marketer Skills

Posted 07 June, 2014
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FINALLY_A_Quiz_that_Measures_Your_Social_Media_Marketer_Skills-lssocial media marketer quizTrying to boost organic engagement on Facebook?

Considering a social media overhaul?

Thinking about changing your content strategy or Facebook page design?

These are all important considerations.

But you might be ignoring the most important part of your social media marketing plan:


How have YOU performed?

"OK, I guess" is not the right answer.

Sometimes we get caught up in evaluating our page -- the content, reach, visuals -- when we should be evaluating ourselves.

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Remember: in motor racing, the same car can be driven by Jeff Gordon or some other dude. Both drivers will handle their cars differently -- and the results will differ.

The same principle applies to Facebook marketing. Every page manager is different.

So how do you measure your social media marketing skills?

Lucky for you, Circus Social built a 10-round Social Media Marketing Quiz to help you assess your social media prowess -- and compare it against marketers around the world.

In this post, I'll summarize what's in the quiz.

Then at the end of this post, I'll give you a link where you can go take the quiz!

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Measure Your Social Media Marketer Skills!

The quiz breaks down into 4 main parts:

1. Plain Ol' Social Media Skills

social-media-marketer-quizThis part tests your social media skills:

  • Engagement
  • Content
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

How well do you know the platforms?

Do you understand the rules?

Do you know what techniques work best?

2. Character

Here's where things start to get tricky.

People react differently when threatened. Some retreat -- some strike back.

The same is true with marketing.

How do you react under pressure? When you're thrown into a crisis -- what do you do?

Do you stay calm or do you flame your critics?

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Do you hesitate to criticize your competitors in public?

If you discovered a flaw in their product, would you write a press release or simply reach out to them telling them what you found?

This quiz tests the marketer's character to see how they respond in these scenarios.

3. The Data, Numbers, Metrics

Digital marketing's about data.

Diving into data is what helps you rise above the rest.

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Your understanding of bounce rate & filtering quality traffic, and your grasp of concepts like CPA vs CPE help keep you in step with your peers.

Strictly analytical marketers may not be the best, but a marketer with no analytical inclinations won't survive.

And the quiz's Marketing Mansion & Analytics Auditorium test those skills.

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4. How Well Rounded Are You?

How aware are you of your surroundings?

Do you know the latest SEO best practices?

Do you know about the most recent Google update?

When you're wise to what's happening throughout the social media space, it's easier to roll with the changes.

Following the influencers in your industry will help.

Go Take the Quiz!

Now you know what's in the quiz.

Find out more about the quiz here:


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