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Top 50 Twitter Influencers, Mentions and Topics for Sales Professionals

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Top_50_Twitter_Influencers_Mentions_and_Topics_for_Sales_Professionals-lstwitter influencers for sales prosIf you work in sales, Twitter is one of the best social sites for you.

That's because Twitter's an open platform -- as opposed to Facebook where friend requests must be approved.

The more open the platform, the more flexibility it offers.

It's easy to network & share with influential people on Twitter -- in all sorts of verticals.

If you don't know how to use Twitter like a sales pro, in this post I'll show you how (and where) to get started.

Imagine if you could eavesdrop on the conversations of the sales leaders you admire most. That information would be priceless.

Get ready... because that's what you're about to do!

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Top 50 Twitter Influencers, Mentions and Topics for Sales Professionals

Leadtail & Hoovers reviewed Twitter activity from more than 580 sales professionals to better understand how they use Twitter.

All these people were in North America.

The study included:

  • Sales pros from B2B & B2C companies (both inbound & outbound)
  • Review of 68,310 tweets and 44,043 shared links
  • Total number of followers: 1.2 million
  • Average salesperson in study had 356 followers
  • Tweets published between July 1 and September 30, 2014

1. Where They're Located

The sales leaders came from all these locations:

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2. How They Describe Themselves

These are words the sales pros used to describe themselves in their Twitter bios:

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3. Hashtags

Here are some killer hashtags the sales professionals used on Twitter:


4. Popular Apps and Tools

Most sales leaders tweeted from & used the Twitter retweet button to share other people's content.


5. What They Share

The sales pros usually shared articles from mainstream media.

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6. Most Popular Topics

These topics grabbed their attention:

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7. Most Shared Media Sources

Here are the 25 most popular media sources from the study:

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8. Most Shared Industry Sources

These were the most popular industry sources:


9. Top 50 Twitter Mentions

These were 50 handles the sales leaders were most likely to mention on Twitter:

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10. Their Favorite Influencers

And these appeared to be 5o of their favorite Twitter influencers:



I loved this report!... What Twitter geek wouldn't?!

But casual Twitter users who use the site mostly for networking & personal branding might get the most from this study.

What about you? What section interested you the most?

And what section is most useful for learning how to use Twitter like a sales pro?

Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is the Founder of &, a fashion blog that shares style for short men. Follow him on Twitter at @askaaronlee


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