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6 Idiot-Proof Ways to Improve Your Personal Branding on Twitter

Posted 24 November, 2014

6_Idiot-Proof_Ways_to_Improve_Your_Personal_Branding_on_Twitter-lsimprove personal branding on twitterPersonal branding is more important than ever these days.

And the line between businesses & the people who run them is getting finer and finer.

This means your personal branding needs to be top notch -- just like your business.

Did you know Twitter is a great way to improve your personal branding?

Did you know leveraging Twitter to do this is actually pretty easy?

Yup!.. and to prove it, I'm sharing 6 no-brainer Twitter marketing tactics that will beef up your personal branding on Twitter in no time.

6 Idiot-Proof Ways to Improve Your Personal Branding on Twitter

1. Join Live Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are one of the most productive ways to kill time on social media!

There are 3 main benefits of participating in a Twitter chat:

  • Get Your Name Out There
  • Build Authority
  • Get More Followers

And finding Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry isn't very hard. I use Chat Salad. The website keeps me updated about chats that are happening right now.

Simply search for the hashtag & let the conversation begin.


2. Respond to Mentions

Make sure you respond when people mention you & your business on Twitter.

>> Click to Tweet <<

I've found 2 good ways to respond to most everyone who mentions me.

First, I go through my Twitter feed & thank those who shared my blog posts or retweeted my tweets. Respond to the most recent activity first since some of those people might still be online.

Next I use "-http" Twitter searches. I type my Twitter username and "-http" into the search bar. This search method shows only tweets about me that don't include links.


3. Retweet Your Own Stuff

I often retweet when somebody shares one of my blog posts or tags me in a tweet. It's a great way to build relationships & get noticed!

After all, it's a win-win for me & the person who posted the original tweet. They get more exposure on Twitter & my articles get more views.

Dave Kerpen has mastered this technique:


4. Search for Relevant Discussions

Use keywords & hashtags to search for anything your customers & followers might be interested in.

Click "Near you" t0 narrow the search to your own geographical area. This is a great way to meet new colleagues in your town.


5. Follow Others

Following new people is one of the easiest & fastest ways to grow your Twitter presence!

Start by following anyone who retweets your material. Then find Twitter lists that are relevant to your industry -- and follow people from those!

6. Hijack Trending Content

The trending content on Twitter consists of the most talked-about topics at the time.

Search these topics to find trending content that's relevant to your personal brand. Then tweet with the popular hashtags to get noticed on Twitter!

That way even people you don't follow, who are interested in the topics, will see your tweets.

Start hijacking these trending hashtags today!


Don't get discouraged if these tips don't work right away. Building a powerful personal brand on Twitter takes time.

But it can be done!

If you start by following new people & retweeting those who mention you... your personal branding might take off in no time!

Good luck!

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