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Watch Your Facebook Page Gain Momentum after Doing These 3 Things

Posted 22 June, 2013

Watch_Your_Facebook_Page_Gain_Momentum_after_Doing_These_3_ThingsFacebook momentumWe all want our fan pages to gain momentum.

It's why we read the latest articles from the so-called "Social Media Gurus" & "Facebook Marketing Masterminds".

It's why we buy into expensive information products with names like:

Master Facebook in The Next 20 Seconds Without Utilizing a Single Brain Cell

Ok, I made that one up.

But it's true... We hope that some juicy nugget of knowledge will solve all our problems & take away all our Facebook marketing pain.

I call bullshit!

Marketing your business on Facebook really isn't that hard.

And it's certainly not something you should feel overwhelmed by -- especially with badass tools like Post Planner on the market!

Sure, getting started takes some time & effort -- and you WILL have hiccups along the way. But overall it's mostly common sense.

So let's stop making excuses & start gaining momentum by doing 3 things.

Do These 3 Things to Gain Facebook Momentum

I'm going to keep each of these tips short & to the point -- and also offer some resources for each.

So here we go.

1. Have a Posting Plan

If you don't have a posting plan for your page then you're destined for failure.

(Unless you have Dwight's wisdom & viewpoint, of course:)


You have to stop this craziness of just posting whenever the urge comes.

You MUST have a plan.

Resources to help you Plan your Posts:

2. Use Great Images

eye catching

Images will always rule on Facebook.

People love them because our brains & eyes consume pictures faster & easier than text.

For example, I bet you saw the eye in the mouse trap before even seeing this paragraph!

And images will become even more important as everything goes mobile -- since pictures are even more enticing on a smaller screen.

For your Facebook page, this means you need to use eye-catching images in as many places as possible, as often as possible:

You should definitely be using awesome images in these places:

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Image
  • Posts on Your Page
  • Featured Images on your blog (so your link posts are eye catching)

Resources for creating better imagery on Facebook:

Here are a few sites I recommend for finding awesome photos:

3. Run Facebook Ads

ignoreI know, I know -- I can hear the groans already.

You're going to ignore this part of the blog post -- just like people in church ignore the sermon about tithing.

But if you ignore Facebook Ads you're page is set for failure.

Too harsh? I don't think so. Just ask yourself this question:

Before Facebook, how did businesses actually spread the word about their products & services?

Yep, via ads.

For example, ads in:

  • newspapers & magazines
  • radio & TV
  • billboards, etc.

Some of these media are dying a slow death -- except in smaller markets -- but ads online are continuing to grow because they offer serious value to businesses.

And Facebook ads are a HUGE part of this.

yellow pagesIn the 1980's a business wouldn't even think about opening their doors without being in the Yellow pages (which now just get tossed in landfills as soon as they're printed).

Today's businesses shouldn't think about operating without running Facebook ads.

You need to market where your potential customers are.

Guess what? They're all on Facebook.

But Ads are SOOO hard!

But they aren't though.

In fact, Facebook is constantly making them easier & easier to set up & manage.

Not to mention all the experts out there, like Jon Loomer, who give away the important secrets for free!

For example, check out his post about running a detailed ad campaign.

But the truth of it is most of us don't need detailed ad campaigns. We just need to increase Likes on our page -- or increase engagement of posts.

Ads for these goals can all be set up without leaving your page.

But are Ads effective?

Of course. Check out the ways you can target an ad in this graphic from Social Ads Tool:


If you can't find targeted fans using ads, you're just not paying attention.

Resources to help you run better Facebook Ads:

Get Some Momentum

momentum guysSo in summary, here are the 3 things you should do ASAP to gain momentum on Facebook:

  1. Have a Posting Plan
  2. Use Great Images
  3. Run Facebook Ads

It's that simple people.

Stop making things more complicated than they should -- and start crushing it with your Facebook page!

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