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3 Tools That Make Facebook Suck Less

3_Tools_That_Make_Facebook_Suck_LessMake Facebook suck lessRaise your hand if you think using Facebook sucks sometimes!

Ok. Put your hands down, you crazies!!

But it's true. Sometimes using Facebook does suck.

Let me share with you 3 problems we all face -- and 3 tools I use on a daily basis to solve these problems and make my time on Facebook suck a whole lot less.

Remember: I spend at least 10 hours per day on Facebook!

Problem 1: News Feed pollution

The number one most sucky thing on Facebook is seeing your friends and pages post 6 zillion times about the same topic when the topic is hot or trending.

News Feed pollutionThis is especially true when it comes to politics.

This past election season I got completely worn out from seeing political posts. My News Feed was pure garbage.

I had a choice to make. I could either hide those friends or pages from my News Feed, or I could unfriend them. But then I'd miss out on all the good stuff they post -- stuff that's not related to politics.

The Solution

I stumbled upon this great extension for Chrome called No Politics Please and it completely revolutionized my News Feed.

The plugin allowed me to easily block every word related to the election -- so my News Feed was more focused on things I wanted to interact with.

From about August of 2012 until after the election I used this extension to block words such as Obama, President, Romney, Ron Paul, election, White House, etc.

Any time a friend or a page posted an update with one of these words in it, the extension hid the update from my News Feed!! Absolutely amazing.

This greatly enhanced my time on Facebook and made me 1000 times more productive.

But, here's the kicker!... you don't to use it only for politics.

I used it recently to block another trending story that was polluting my News Feed -- and it immediately removed all of that crappy content. That in turn revealed even more pages that I hadn't seen in my News Feed in a while.

Let me show you the extension in action:

Install the extension, you'll thank me for it later!

Problem 2: Slow & cumbersome Photo viewing

Have you ever had a friend posts a great looking photo -- but because of the dimension limitations in the News Feed, you see less than half of the photo?

Sucks, right?

Your only choice then is to either bypass the photo or to click on it -- which then opens a clumsy and slow-to-load lightbox.

The Solution

I never have to click on photos anymore because use an extension called Photozoom.

With it, I can hover over any photo in the News Feed and get an instant full-size popup of the photo!

Again, this eliminates the need to click on photos and load the lightbox (if it loads at all).

Granted, this extension can get a bit annoying since it does blow up every photo you run your mouse over. But overall it's a solid tool -- and definitely helps my News Feed suck less.

Here's a video showing the extension at work:

Problem 3: Finding high quality Content to post

All of us run into this problem when it comes to our profiles, groups and pages. We want our followers to stay engaged, but we don't have 26 hours in a day to find relevant content.

And for the love of all things holy -- please don't resort to just posting cat memes or more "someEcards"!

The Solution

Probably won't surprise you, but the solution here is Post Planner's Status Ideas and Content features.

(Yes, maybe this sounds like a selfish plug -- but I assure you, I used these features to find awesome content long before I started working for Post Planner.)

Get fresh contentDid you know that there are literally thousands of status update ideas for you to choose from inside Post Planner?

It's true.

But even more important than the status ideas is the Post Planner's Content Library. I'll show you how it works in a video below, but first let me tell you more about it.

Inside this library there are over 200 topics/niches listed for you to choose from. Once you choose a topic, you're then shown a wide array of articles that you can then publish to your profile, page or group.

This totally solves the problem of never having relevant and fresh content to share in your niche!

Honestly, once I found this inside the app I was hooked!

Instead of scouring the web -- or even Google Reader for that matter -- I could now simply pick a topic, click an article and BOOM! post it!!!

Let me show you how awesome this is:

Wrapping it up

So there you go. As you can see, by using these 3 tools you can make Facebook suck a whole lot less.

Unfortunately, you still can't block Cat memes!