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10 Examples of Clever Things to Post on Facebook (Try These!)

10_Examples_of_Clever_Things_to_Post_on_Facebook_Try_These-lsclever things to post on FacebookI recently got asked this question on my profile:

What's your definition of a perfect business post on Facebook?

My response: there's no such thing!

Page owners who think like this are missing the point!

Facebook is a place to unwind, have fun & be entertained. If all you post is boring, business-related stuff, your engagement will plummet while you sit there wondering what happened.

So stop treating your Facebook page like a PowerPoint presentation!!

Instead, try posting things that stuffy business pages would NEVER post.

Like what?

Well, that's why I wrote this post. Here 10 examples of original & clever things to post on Facebook:

10 Examples of Clever Things to Post on Facebook

1. GeekBeatTV

GeekBeatTV is known for goofy antics & entertaining videos. (Editor's Note: The post referenced by the author here is no longer available, but check out the GeekBeatTV Page for some great examples.)

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2. Upworthy

Creative posts like this one helped launch Upworthy into the stratosphere!

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3. NFL

It's football season so the NFL is trending all over social media. This clever image kept me guessing until I clicked!

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4. Today Show

The Today Show posted this timely story about a Tom Brokaw election-coverage blooper. Instead of wishing it away, broadcasters had some fun with the goof.

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5. Rhett and Link

This video was posted just after Halloween. The clip was viewed 120k times in less than 15 hours.

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6. Chris Powell

When it comes to weight loss, Chris Powell is a household name. This clever kid pic was priceless!

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7. Jerry Seinfeld

I can quote most every episode of "Seinfeld"! Yes, I'm the master of my domain.

Jerry's posts may be random... but they work!

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8. Dr Pepper

This Halloween post cleverly showcased Dr Pepper without pushing the product.

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9. CiCi's Pizza

I managed a CiCi's Pizza parlor for 5 years. So the company has a place in my heart!

The business took to social media with this clever post, and a month later used feedback from fans to make major changes to the menu.

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10. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Definitely my favorite frozen yogurt joint!

This post used "Shark Week" to get fans excited for dessert!

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What to Post on Facebook

clever-things-to-post-on-facebookFiguring out what to post on Facebook takes time.

You need to test material to find the right mix of content for your page.

But the pages that get creative & put real effort into finding clever things to post on Facebook usually get the most engagement.

Yes, you're there to sell stuff -- we all are -- but Facebook users aren't always looking to buy.

So make sure to post fun content along with your salesy posts.

Personally, I use Post Planner's Viral Photos tool to find stunning content for my pages!

How do you find cool stuff to post on Facebook?

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