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57 Pinterest Board Name Ideas Your Followers Will LOVE

Posted 15 June, 2021
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Want to take your Pinterest game to the NEXT level?

Pinterest is a HIGHLY competitive social media platform.

If your Pins and boards don’t stand out, the chances of gaining traction are slim.

But don’t worry!

This guide is full of strategies that can help your Pinterest boards BLOW UP!

57 Pinterest Board Name Ideas Your Followers Will LOVE

Your Pinterest account can DIRECTLY connect you with people looking for what you offer.

BUT that'll only happen if you use Pinterest boards strategically.

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to do that by covering:

What is a Pinterest board?

Pinterest boards are an organized collection of Pins that are created by users.

what is a pinterest board

You can use boards to organize your profile's Pins based on themes and interests.

BUT they're also crucial for marketing your brand on Pinterest.


With Pinterest boards, businesses can:

  1. Organize pins with boards to target specific audiences through Pinterest search.
  2. Send traffic from their boards to their sales funnel.
  3. Follow other boards in their industry to come up with content ideas.

6 elements of a viral Pinterest board

1. Optimized pin sizes

Pins are the images or videos that make up Pinterest boards.

Want more visits to your board?

Make sure that your pins are the right size!

The optimal pin size is 1,000px by 1,500px, or a 2:3 ratio.

2021-06-16 18.52.40

Pin size matters because you’re competing for screen space.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.28.42

The more screen space you take up, the more likely your pin will get noticed.

Roughly 85% of Pinterest users use the mobile app.

That means 1,000px by 1,500px — roughly the size of a screen — is a FANTASTIC ratio to get eyes on your pins (and your boards)!

However, it's still good to have some images a bit shorter in length.

Use the more extended sizes for the pins you want to stand out the most on your board.

2. High-quality images

You CAN’T expect your Pinterest board to go viral without high-quality images!

Showing home decor? Plants? Your new clothing release?

Use high-resolution pins to do your brand justice.

You can get high-quality images for your pins in the following ways:

3. Embedded on website

Embed your best Pinterest board on your website to connect your site’s visitors to your Pinterest!

Your website visitors are probably among the 478 million monthly active users on Pinterest.

Embedding your Pinterest board on your site makes it easy for your website visitors to follow your Pinterest account.

Your biggest fans might even share your Pinterest board directly from your website!

4. Large and clear fonts

Fonts matter!

When designing your pins, choose easily readable fonts.

Does this mean ONLY use one font?

Not at all!

Some fonts pair very well together.

Here are the BEST font pairings to use right now:

  • Abril Fatface and Playlist Script
  • Clear Sans Regular and Lemon Tuesday
  • Lato and Satisfy
  • Poppins Bold and Manjari Thin

Typing your relevant keywords in a unique font is a smart way to help them stand out.

5. Keyword-optimized board names & descriptions

Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine?

Using keywords in your Pinterest titles and descriptions makes you more visible!

Worried you won’t get this right?

Trust me — optimizing for keywords is SIMPLE.

Use Pinterest's "Guided Search" tool to find keywords.

Say you want to find keywords for camping.

Type “camping” into the search bar, and you'll see keywords people are currently searching for.


In this example, "camping hacks" and "camping meals" are popular keywords to use.

Pinterest is a UNIQUELY valuable platform for eCommerce businesses.

That’s because 55% of Pinterest users visit the platform hoping to find products to buy!

2021-06-16 18.52.33

So using the right keywords can lead those searching people directly to YOUR brand.

6. Amazing content

Successful Pinterest boards have content that people LOVE!

Use Post Planner to find viral Pinterest content for your boards PAINLESSLY!


Post Planner’s scheduling tool allows you to plan your posting (instead of scrambling each day to figure out something cool to publish).

On top of that?

Post Planner's content library is LOADED with Pinterest content you can use (no matter your brand’s niche)!

20 Pinterest board ideas for VIRAL pins!

Need Pinterest board ideas for YOUR industry?

Explore the following ideas for topics you can base your Pinterest boards on using the best practices we outlined above.

1. Fashion & style — Clothing, accessories, style guide, clothing reviews

fashion board

2. Photography — Great shots, lighting tips, lens recommendations

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.31.56

3. Health & fitness — Gym motivation, diet advice, workout ideas, body transformations

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.32.11

4. Your product or service — Show your product in use

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.32.22

5. Inspirational quotes — Share quotes you find meaningful

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.32.30

(You can find tons of great quotes with Post Planner's content library and save them to your content streams!)

6. Food & dining — Recipes, cooking essentials, cookbooks

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.32.39

7. Nature — Wildlife, nonprofit nature causes, hiking, mountains, camping

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.32.56

8. Art — Original art, curated art, artist profiles

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.03

9. Bucket List — Out-of-the-box things to do and places to visit

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.18

10. Travel — Countries you’ve visited, languages, clothing styles, customs, culture, food

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.25

11. Technology — Gadgets, tech news, tech reviews, cryptocurrencies, how-to guides

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.37

12. Jokes — Memes, comics, and long-form comedic media 

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.45

13. Architecture — Building designs, architecture history, unique architecture, architect profiles

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.33.55

14. Inspirational public figures — Profile public figures who have impacted your life all on one board

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.34.10

15. Home Decor — Home favorites, interior design, unique home items

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.34.18

16. Books — Share your favorite books and authors

Don't forget to mention the genre in your board description!

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.34.26

17. Infographics and statistics — Show graphs, stats, and research related to your niche

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.34.37

18. Science — Earth and space photos, scientific pioneers, scientific predictions, DIY experiments

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.34.47

19. Crafts & DIY projects — Tutorials and how-to’s, before and after pictures

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.35.00

20. How to's & Tips — share your how-to's in graphic form

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.18.58

6 steps to make an AMAZING Pinterest board!

It's now time to turn your chosen Pinterest topic into an attractive board!

Let's say we want to create a board centered around "fitness."

STEP 1: Find the best keywords.

Use the suggested keywords from Pinterest’s search bar to get started.


You can use "fitness training" and "fitness photoshoot" in your title and descriptions.

You can even fuse the keywords (fitness training photoshoot)!

Keep your Pinterest board titles creative and direct.

For example, this board name could be "Fitness training & photoshoot inspiration."

STEP 2: Add your pins!

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.35.17

Your pins should be high-resolution images and videos.

Don't forget to link your website on your product pins!

STEP 3: Group your pins into sections within your Pinterest board.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.35.54

Pinterest allows you to divide your pins within your boards.

These subcategories help your followers find specific pins faster.

A strategically organized board makes it easier for your viewers to share your pins.

Follow these steps to subdivide your boards:

  1. On your Pinterest account profile, tap on your board, then tap "Organize."
  2. Under "Group Pins into sections," tap "Add section."
  3. From there, you can give your new section a name or pick from the suggested names.
  4. After you've named your section, select the pins (images or videos) that match what that section is all about.
  5. Repeat these steps for each section, and voilà, your board is now 80% more organized.

STEP 4: Make sure your Pinterest board is public.

Only YOU can see your Private boards on Pinterest.


Making your board public may seem like an obvious step, but some people miss it.

If your board doesn't have a lock icon on it, it's public.

If you see a lock icon on your board, it's private.

STEP 5: Create a custom Pinterest board cover.

Pinterest board covers help your brand stand out and look more sophisticated.

Pinterest board covers also help followers locate the boards they like most a lot faster.

Pinterest board covers are a lot like Instagram story covers.

Board covers come in different shapes and dimensions than what you’d post on Instagram, but they're pretty simple to create.

I recommend Canva or Befunky as your graphic design options.

STEP 6: Share your Pinterest boards.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.36.10

Pinterest boards and pins make EXCELLENT material to share on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts.

You can also embed your boards on your website to connect your site visitors to your Pinterest account.

37 Pinterest board name ideas... Your turn!

Need some more inspiration?

No problem!

Below are 37 Pinterest board name ideas that you can mix and match!

You’ll notice that each one contains a keyword, but also puts a little personality into the title — a win-win combination!

1. Facebook Marketing Makeover

2. Twitter Tweeps (I love to follow)

3. Social Media Marketingenuity

4. Small Business Tips That WORK!

5. The Joy of Google

6. Awefreakingsome YouTubers

7. A Whale of a Twitter Tale

8. Mesmorizing Instapics

9. Google Takes the WAITING Out of Wanting

10. Content Marketing Mishaps

11. Business Quotes, Because Life is Random

12. Go Crack a Joke (quotes to make you SMILE)

13. Freshen Up Your Facebook Marketing

14. Instagram – Endless FUN!

15. Business is Better with Instagram

16. Pinterest Power Pins

17. Pinterest Marketing ROCKS!

18. Tell Your Superstar Story

19. Pinterest Traffic Tips

20. Facebook Marketing Mojo

21. Social Media Pinspiration

22. Design on a Dime

23. Geeky Marketing Finds

24. Going Crazy for Social Media, Wanna Go?

25. A.N.T.F. (Afraid Not To Facebook)

26. Pintastic Pinning Success

27. Adorkable Social Media Geeks

28. Fabtabulous Facebook Marketing Tips

29. Getting’ Saucy on SnapChat

30. Scatterfied Productivity Tools

31. A.B.F. Always Be Facebooking

32. Social Media Fun Facts

33. Twitter Parties

34. Blogging Brainstorms

35. Marketing Machismo

36. Content Marketing Creativity

37. Blog Ideation

Examples of great boards by quality pinners

Social Media Marketing: Keri Jaehnig

Idea Girl

Keri, head of Idea Girl Media, assists businesses, brands, public figures and non-profits with social media marketing.

Keri pins a wealth of social media info and has optimized her boards for search.

She uses her company name and keywords, keeping her top performing boards at the top of her profile.

Some examples of Keri's top board names are:

  • Idea Girl Blog
  • Social Media Tips
  • Social Media Tutorials
  • Keri Around the Web
  • Social Media Resources

Branding and Design: Louise Myers

Louise MyersLouise is a design and branding specialist who helps businesses create high-quality social media graphics.

Louise’s boards are a mix of all things social, from tips for Facebook cover images to Instagram photography.

You'll see her use of keywords throughout each of her board names.

Some examples of Louise's top board names are:

  • Pinterest Tips
  • Facebook Marketing Tips
  • Twitter Tips
  • Blogging Tips
  • Instagram Tips

DIY and Home Improvement: Censational Girl

CentsationalKate is a DIYer, bargain hunter and design lover who pins her fabulous design, interior decorating and home improvement finds.

With over 9,400 pins, you can bet her 238,000 followers can find what they’re looking for, especially when each of her boards is optimized for her niche.

Each one includes her keywords.

Some examples of Kate's top board names are:

  • CG Blog Images & Posts
  • Inspiring DIY
  • Inspiring Living Spaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

Real Estate: Bill Gassett

REal estate boardBill is a real estate professional who is extremely active on Pinterest and willingly shares his 25 years worth of wisdom and experience.

As you can see from Bill’s boards, whether you’re in the industry, a home buyer, or seller, Bill has targeted his boards and content specifically to you.

Some examples of Bill's top board names are:

  • Massachusetts Real Estate
  • SEO/Social Media
  • Top Real Estate Articles
  • Pinterest Real Estate Group Board
  • Top Blogs - Pinterest Viral Board

Architecture and Modern Design: Freshome

FreshomeFreshome, one of my favorite Pinterest accounts to follow, shares modern design, architecture, art and style ideas.

The boards are geared toward anyone interested in building, remodeling or designing a modern home.

Some examples of Freshome's top board names are:

  • Architecture Worth Pinning
  • Attention to Detail in Home Design
  • Fresh Apartment Interior Design
  • Fresh Living Room Ideas
  • Fresh Bedroom Inspiration

Use Post Planner to make posting on Pinterest too EASY

The BEST Pinterest accounts use high-quality images and keywords to connect with their target audience.

Getting those two elements down — visuals and keywords — increases your business’ Pinterest account’s odds of becoming viral.

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 13.26.08

Luckily Post Planner has crafted a user-friendly and eclectic library of content you can schedule and share with your followers in just a few minutes!

The Content Streams tool makes things even more convenient for you!

You can use Content Streams to categorize your future posts into groups.

Content Streams make it easier for you to find content for your pins whenever you need it.

Ready to access the ease and convenience Post Planner has to offer?

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