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5 Reasons You Should NOT Start a Facebook Page for Your MLM Business

Posted 24 February, 2014

5_Reasons_You_Should_NOT_Start_a_Facebook_Page_for_Your_MLM_Business-lsmlm on facebookDo you have friends who are always posting about products they're selling?

Personally, I see my friends posting about MLM products all the time.

They're selling things like:

  • candles
  • weight loss supplements
  • cell phones
  • even fake eyelashes!

I mean there's nothing wrong with getting involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) company -- but it does get obnoxious when all you talk about on Facebook is selling your latest wares.

Sure, times are tough & I'm all for making a buck. I'm even a fan of some MLMs.

In fact, I've been a member of many MLM companies -- and I've learned some hard lessons about what to do & not do when selling on Facebook.

So today I'll provide 5 reasons why you should not start a Facebook page for your MLM business.


5 Reasons You Should NOT Start a Facebook Page for Your MLM Business

start-a-facebook-pagePeople love new opportunities.

So they naturally get pumped about the products, compensation plans & bonuses that MLMs offer.

This leads to them blasting out links on their Facebook profiles -- annoying friends until somebody finally tells them to start a Facebook business page to reach more people.

Fair enough -- better to do business on a page anyway, right?

So they start a page & ask friends to LIKE it -- and then start posting about the product.

Good move, right?

WRONG! And here's why...

1. You'll Leave the Business

start-a-facebook-pageThe likelihood of you still selling the same product 6 months from now is slim -- no matter how much you love the company.

Many people selling for MLM companies fizzle out after just 2 or 3 months.

They get bored, discouraged or just move on to other things.

But if you create a page for the product then bail on the business, any work you did on Facebook is made pointless.

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2. MLM Parent Companies Go Out of Business

What if you build a page for your Scentsy operation -- and then the company goes out of business?


You're left with a Scentsy page with a few hundred Likes that you can't use.

Those fans aren't interested in hearing about another product you're selling.

And Facebook typically doesn't let you change the name of a page after the page receives a certain number of Likes.

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The page you worked so hard on to get Facebook Likes is rendered useless.

3. MLM Company Doesn't Allow Facebook Pages

start-a-facebook-pageMany MLM companies don't allow product representatives to create their own Facebook pages using the company name.

Setting up such a page could result in a reprimand -- or a cease & desist letter!

Dive into your distributor agreement to see if you can use the company name & logo online. The number of MLM businesses that prohibit this may shock you.

Facebook's terms of service even state that if you're not an official representative of a company you can't run a page in the company's name:

A Page for a brand, entity (place or organization), or public figure may be administered only by an authorized representative of that brand, entity (place or organization) or public figure (an “official Page”).

4. Creates Confusion

start-a-facebook-pageI could name at least 30 friends & family members who sell some sort of MLM product.

Imagine if they & all the other MLM'ers had Facebook pages about their businesses!

Can anyone say "brand confusion"?

"Who is the official Scentsy sales rep?"

"Can I buy from any of them since they all sell the same products?"

Too many pages about the same thing dilute brands & create confusion for consumers.

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5. You're Branding the Company, Not YOU!


start-a-facebook-pageFinally, the best reason not to start a Facebook page for your MLM business:

Cortney Scott submitted the Scentsy page mentioned above for me to review on the Post Planner blog. While I think her cover photo looks great, Cortney is wasting her time with this page.

Besides her name on the page, do you see Cortney branding herself with the cover photo & profile image?


She's branding Scentsy.

Great for Scentsy, bad for Cortney!

When another Scentsy rep appears on Facebook, those who have Liked Cortney's page will probably LIKE that new page as well.

Now who do they buy from???

And what happens if Cortney leaves Scentsy?

How Should MLM Distributors Market Products On Facebook?

Ideally, MLM products shouldn't be sold on Facebook.


Because after a few posts you've annoyed everyone & no one wants to talk to you -- and I say this from experience.

You may not see negative comments on your posts -- but gradually you'll notice fewer people interacting with the page.

Probably because fans are hiding your posts from their news feed.

As an MLM distributor, if you're going to market your business on Facebook, here are some tactful tips for getting the word out:

And whatever you do, DO NOT SELL!

The MLM distributors who are most successful on Facebook never rely on a sales pitch.

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Instead they are powerful networkers & conversationalists who share positive thoughts & energy with their communities.

Success without the Sales Pitch

Many of the MLM industry's most successful players do this incredibly well.

Guys like David Frey, Art Jonak, Mike Healy & Eric Worre -- I honestly couldn't tell you what products they sell.

start-a-facebook-pageThey provide enough value for their fans that others chase them -- not the other way around.

Create a presence online where people ask you what you do for a living -- instead of assailing your fans with 15 promotional posts each day!

Save the sales pitches for private messages (after others get the conversation rolling).

Success in the MLM industry comes from building one-on-one relationships, which is difficult when you're just blasting Facebook posts asking fans to buy your junk.

Instead of pushing your product all the time, try branding yourself as a motivational speaker, trainer or coach.

Keep posts on your Facebook page light-hearted, positive & motivational.

Use page apps that capture emails. Then send these folks info about your products after they join your mailing list.

Never try to sell your product on your Facebook page.

Instead, compel people to ask you what you do.

Too Harsh?

Was that too harsh?

Has anyone experienced long-term success selling MLM products on Facebook?

Sound off in the comments -- and please share this with your MLM colleagues.


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