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This Tactic for Getting More Facebook Likes is a Total No-Brainer

Posted 07 February, 2014

This_Tactic_for_Getting_More_Facebook_Likes_is_a_Total_No-Brainer-lsgetting more facebook likesgetting more facebook likesLooking for a creative way to get more Likes on Facebook?

You're not alone.

Everyone these days is looking for ways to get more Likes.

It's why our blog's most popular post (with 5k+ shares) is called "Here's a Quick Way to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page".

But there's one tactic for getting more Facebook Likes I bet you haven't thought of yet.

And it's a total no-brainer... because it converts at about 98%!

Yep, 98%.

What is this awesome tactic you're probably not using?

Don't worry... I'm about to tell you. ;)

This Tactic for Getting More Facebook Likes is a Total No-Brainer

The tactic I'm about to describe is super powerful -- but you have to have an email signup or opt-in form on your website to use it.

I'm talking about an opt-in form where people sign up for your:

  • blog updates
  • newsletter
  • ebook
  • free trial

Basically anything where visitors give you their email to get more info.

The secret for getting more Facebook Likes lies in the redirect that happens after someone completes the opt-in -- after they add their email & click submit.

Many businesses make the mistake of not setting up a landing page to redirect new subscribers to after they opt in.

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Instead, they send people to a lame page like this:

boring autoresponder


You’ve seen plenty of these, right?

So many that you don’t even bother reading it. You just close the tab & head to your inbox to confirm the email.

But what if you could take advantage of this valuable internet real estate?

Remember -- you've just pulled off ones of the hardest things in content marketing: getting someone to opt in to your list.

The person is already sold on you -- so why not go for the upsell?

Why not get a Like from them too?

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Instead of showing new subscribers the typical redirect message (like the one above), send them to a well-designed landing page with a big fat Like button for your page.

This landing page should:

  1. thank them for joining your mailing list (ie. remind them they already love you)
  2. ask them to check their email (to confirm their subscription)
  3. tell them to Like your Facebook Page!

Again, the psychology here is simple.

If someone has already decided to invite you into their inbox by giving you their email, it means they trust you -- and they want to get emails from your company.

They want to learn more! YAY!

And while getting them to trust you enough to share their email was difficult, getting them to take that next step & Like your Facebook page should be easy!

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It's like when I go to Starbucks & order a grande (medium) latte. The person behind the counter smiles & politely asks if I would like the venti (large) instead -- for a small added cost.

They know I want the latte -- and chances are a small increase in cost won't deter me from getting the larger size.

How the Pros Use this Trick

I've seen a lot of top marketers using this tactic.

For example, I love this landing page from Melanie Duncan.

I actually asked several Facebook friends about Melanie's page -- and they all said they'd Like her Facebook page after seeing a landing page like this one.

melanie duncan blog

It's clear that Melanie REALLY wants me to Like her page.

And I already signed up for her newsletter... so why not?! :)

Another example

For those wanting to go a more subtle route, here's an example from Nikki Elledge Brown.

On Nikki's landing page, the request to Like her Facebook page is placed at the bottom -- which could be effective.

But my guess is an actual Like button might generate better results.

nikki blog

Time to Test!

So will this awesome tactic help your page get more Likes?

There's only one way to find out. ;)

I say GO FOR IT!

Instead of wasting valuable real estate pushing new subscribers to a boring landing page, direct them to a "Like landing page" like Melanie’s or Nikki’s.

Remember, many readers find your blog by searching for info on Google.

They find you on Google, they read your blog post, they enjoy it & decide they want more -- so they subscribe.

But since they arrived at your post via Google, they probably don't even know your Facebook page exists!

So you need to make sure they know!

And even better, you need to make sure they become a fan!

What do you think?

Have you tried this approach?

Do you think it will work? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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