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5 WILD Ways to Use Your Facebook Profile for Business (and Stay Authentic)

Posted 10 November, 2014

5_WILD_Ways_to_Use_Your_Facebook_Profile_for_Business_and_Stay_Authentic-lsuse Facebook profile for businessShould I use a Facebook profile or page to promote my business?

I get asked this a lot. And there's no right answer!

There are pros & cons for each.

But if you choose to use your profile, you should focus on telling stories -- subtly mentioning your brand & showing genuine personality in your posts.

In this article, I include some amazing examples from my friend, Justin Prince.

Justin works at a network marketing company called Modere. He recently traveled for 10 days with 2 other Justins to visit Modere workers in 9 cities.

And he documented the trip using his Facebook profile!

Here are his posts, which will hopefully inspire you to tell your company's story on Facebook -- on your page or profile!

5 WILD Ways to Use Your Facebook Profile for Business (and Stay Authentic)

1. Post Short Videos

The trip began with this video:

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A clerk at a hotel didn't believe these 3 guys shared the same name. When they pulled out their wallets to prove it -- Justin whipped out his smartphone!


Here they are on their last day, just about missing their flight. So what did Justin do?

He pulled out his phone & hit record, of course!


On the drive home, the trio chatted about all that went down on the trip.


2. Post Selfies

And it wasn't all work as Justin traveled with colleagues. Here’s a selfie of 2 of the dudes at an NFL game.

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3. Allow Others to Tag You

On your Facebook profile, you may allow people to tag you or require tags to be approved. I like to approve each tag before posts appear on my profile.

But it's up to you!

It looks like Justin allowed people to freely tag him in posts, which likely worked to his benefit.

Here's a photo of the guys at one of their stops. Justin was tagged in the pic!


Heidi tagged all 3 Justins in this picture. And Justin hardly had to mention Modere because others did it for him.


4. Show Events You Attend

Events are exciting & fun!

People love seeing others having fun on Facebook.

Justin was tagged in this photo during the trip.


And this last example combined many of the ideas we discussed in this post. It's Justin with his team in a selfie. The photo was taken at an event & he was tagged by a colleague.

They look like they're having a blast, don’t they?


5. Use Hashtags

You see that a hashtag (#9cities10days) was used in these videos & photographs. This made the posts easy to find when people searched for the hashtag on Facebook.

So choose your hashtags on Facebook carefully!


Justin used his Facebook profile to tell a compelling story about his company. The posts were authentic & full of personality.

And he hardly even mentioned the business.

Do these types of posts on your profile & your brand will take off on Facebook, too!

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