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24 LinkedIn Post Ideas to Demolish Writer’s Block

Posted 25 September, 2023

Stuck in a rut... trying to think of LinkedIn post ideas?

It’s time to post on LinkedIn, but all you can think about is the funny cat video you saw earlier today.

Time ticks by as you stare at your empty screen.

Sound familiar?

Finding things to post on LinkedIn takes a lot of work. That’s probably why so many people fail to establish regular posting schedules (which kills their LinkedIn success).

Here’s the good news: You can succeed on LinkedIn by relying on some tried-and-true LinkedIn post ideas.

In this article, we’ll help you crush your writer’s block once and for all with 24 post ideas that you can use to create a fantastic post EVERY single time.

We'll cover:

24 LinkedIn post ideas to demolish writer’s block

Variety is one of the keys to success on LinkedIn (we’ll talk some more about this later), so 5 or 6 ideas just won’t cut it. People will start to get bored of your page, and your engagement will decrease.

You need to use various post ideas, visuals, and tones to access all the engagement possible.

That’s why we’re going to give you 24 amazing ideas. Cycling through each of these will keep your page fresh and engaging (but it’ll also save you time thinking about what to post).

1. Turn your podcasts into short clips

If you have a podcast, you can easily create short clips and upload them to LinkedIn.

The best way to do this is to chop each episode into individual concepts. In other words, each video should cover exactly one thought, making it short and easy to digest.

This way, you can share your expertise in bite-sized chunks without overwhelming your audience with an extended episode.

Turn your podcasts into short clips

People are much less likely to watch long videos, so short clips like the 15-second video above are crucial to success.

Pro Tip: Try to keep your clips less than 2 minutes if you want most people to watch your clip all the way through.

2. Repurpose content from other social media channels

If you have a post that received a lot of engagement on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, why waste a good post? You can repurpose it on LinkedIn!

If it worked on Facebook, it’ll most likely work on LinkedIn, too.

However, make sure to optimize the post for your LinkedIn audience. For example, most LinkedIn communities revolve around a shared profession, so you should often treat your audience like colleagues instead of customers.

One way that people repurpose social media content is by sharing an image of a tweet, as shown below. However, sharing a screenshot of a post from another social media isn’t the only way to do this.

Repurpose content from other social media channels

Also, make sure you follow these optimization tips when repurposing content for LinkedIn:

  • Try to make your videos with square 1:1 dimensions
  • Don't just copy and paste text — reformat it for LinkedIn: Remember that the first 5-lines are your hook for text posts and the first 3 lines are your hook for posts with images and videos.
  • Don't add links to your post, it'll kill your reach. Try to post the content that you're linking to natively on LinkedIn (so if it's a blog, try to make a LinkedIn post with the same information. However, if you need to add a link, add it in the comments.

Get creative in how you share these posts, and you’ll be rewarded with higher levels of engagement.

3. Turn a blog post into a short text post

You probably have some pretty sweet blog posts lying around.

Try repurposing those blog posts into multiple short posts to save time on constantly creating new content. As with the podcasts mentioned above, you want to keep these snippets short and engaging.

Then, each time you’re ready to post, you can select a snippet of your blog post, restructure it to be LinkedIn-friendly, and post it.

If you want these posts to do well, add an image, a couple of hashtags, and a call to action to encourage engagement.

Turn a blog post into a short text post

For example, notice how the post above shares an engaging snippet and then uses a call to action to push people to the full post on their website.

4. Use AI to turn a blog post into a video script

Many of your blog posts would do great as a video script with just a bit of tweaking.

Many AI tools can transform your posts into engaging video scripts in minutes. The most popular right now is ChatGPT.

Use AI to turn a blog post into a video script

Converting written posts into video will help you reach a broader audience that prefers video content over text. It also catches people’s eye better as they scroll through their feeds.

5. Share user-generated content

Your followers love to see themselves on your page.

And I mean, they REALLY love it. Followers who interact with user-generated content (UGC) in some way are 100.6% more likely to convert.

linkedin post ideas statistics

To acquire UGC, encourage your audience to create content related to your brand and repost it on LinkedIn.

Examples of UGC include:

  • Customer reviews
  • Customer stories involving your product/service
  • Videos of customers using your product/service
  • A personal recommendation from one of your customers

For example, the video below is of a customer singing the praises of this product. The company shared it on its page and got free content and promotion. It’s a win-win!

Customer reviews

Always credit the content owner and ask permission before reposting it.

6. Interview industry leaders, then turn it into multiple short videos

Interviewing industry leaders provides multiple valuable benefits:

  • It gives you great insight into your industry, improving you as a businessperson.
  • It provides valuable content for your audience.
  • It's a networking opportunity to attract the industry leader's audience.

Interview industry leaders, then turn it into multiple short videos

Take each key point from each interview and turn it into a short video for LinkedIn.

Keep these clips short, engaging, and informative, as with the podcasts.

7. Post user reviews

95% of people choose to read reviews before buying something online. In other words, reviews are IMPORTANT for your business.

Posting user reviews shows that real people like and trust your brand. It shows that you have nothing to hide, which increases customer trust in your brand.

Customer review for linkedin


To turn these reviews into LinkedIn content, highlight positive reviews and thank the reviewer for their support. Then, you can add a CTA that tells your audience to take the same action your happy customer did.

8. Post about new products/services

If you have a new product or service, LinkedIn can be a great platform to announce it.

These posts don’t have to be complex. Simply share the most critical features, benefits, and selling points to pique your audience’s interest.

For example, look at the post below, which shares some key information about his forthcoming book and a link to the purchase page (a call to action to improve engagement and conversion).

Post about new products/services

You can even make a posting sequence to build hype before, during, and after the launch!

9. Post about deals and discounts

Who doesn’t love to save money?

You can use your audience’s desire to save cash by posting about your sales, discounts, or limited-time offers.

However, always let your audience know how they can take advantage.

Otherwise, your post probably won’t turn your viewers into customers!

For example, look at this post that shares information about a deal they’re running and then gives a link so viewers can immediately hop over to the sales page and purchase.

Post about deals and discounts

If you want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, you can also ask your audience to comment for a promo code. This will increase your engagement and reach!

10. Share a community event

If you’re participating in or hosting a community event, share it on LinkedIn!

Doing so shows that you’re not only involved in the discussion surrounding your niche but also that you care about the others who are involved in your community.

Look at the post below that aims to gather people for an educational discussion about managerial practices.

Share a community event

There are also many other types of community events

  • In-person events (conferences, casual get-togethers, expert talks)
  • Online events like the LinkedIn Live Show shown above
  • Chat rooms, forums, or Discord servers

11. Comment on industry news

There are ALWAYS things going on in your industry. If you don’t post about it, your competitors will.

Commenting on industry news shows that you keep up to date with the latest trends, but it also gives you the chance to position yourself as a leader in your community.

Comment on industry news

But how do you keep up with industry news? One of the best ways to do this is to use Post Planner’s Content Streams. Post Planner is a LinkedIn tool that helps you discover content and plan your LinkedIn content schedule.

Content Streams gather posts from authoritative sources in your industry and present them for easy posting.

Content Streams

All you have to do is select an exciting piece of news from your niche, make a post about it, and then let Post Planner automatically share it to your LinkedIn with its scheduling tool.

12. Share a funny meme related to your industry

Even though LinkedIn is a professional network, humor can go a long way toward establishing your brand with your followers.

Sharing a funny meme or cartoon related to your industry showcases your brand’s personality and helps build rapport with your audience.

Sharing a funny meme

Try not to become a meme page. Instead, balance your lighthearted posts with the high-value posts that are part of your content strategy.

You can use Post Planner’s Buckets to organize your funny and serious content.

PostPlanner Buckets

All you have to do is make a "Bucket" for both types of posts and assign it to a day of the week.

Bucket Days

Then, when you create a new post, you can assign it to a bucket, which will keep your content plan organized!

For example, you can set memes to only post on Fridays, while serious posts are Monday-Thursday.

13. Share a quote from a well-known source

Quoting a well-known author or thought leader is a great way to accomplish several key goals:

  • Increase the credibility of your post
  • Catch your audience’s attention
  • Add authority to your brand/page

Share a quote from a well-known source

Before you post, ensure the quote is relevant to your content and will resonate with your audience — don’t just post a quote for the safe of posting a quote.

14. Write about cutting-edge trends in your field

Your audience follows you because they believe you have knowledge or experience to offer.

Sharing your knowledge about emerging trends in your field can help solidify that position and prove to your audience that you know what you’re talking about.

Sharing your knowledge

Once again, Post Planner’s Content Streams are perfect for discovering new trends and developments in your industry. You can use the “Most Recent” tab to find out what's happening in your niche, then share those insights with your followers.

Most Recent

15. Refresh an old post for a new perspective

Do you have any old posts that performed well on LinkedIn?

If they did well once, they probably have the potential to do well again.

Review your old posts and see if you can update them with new insights or information.

This is a great way to keep your content fresh and relevant. It also saves a ton of time because you can reuse the bulk of a post and only change small portions to keep it updated.

For example, this poster might be able to reuse this real estate post and just change the image. Since nothing in the post is dated, it doesn’t require much updating.

real estate post

With Post Planner's recycle feature, you can put your highest-performing posts back into your content rotation automatically.

16. Post about a book or article you’ve recently read

Professional reading has a  ton of amazing benefits.

Why not share some of those benefits with your followers?

Post about a book or article you’ve recently read

After you read a book or article, share some of the things you’ve learned with your followers. Doing so will accomplish the following goals:

  • You can help your followers learn with you
  • You'll learn more which will help you become a better professional
  • You'll be showing your audience that you're dedicated to learning and improvement
  • You can use lessons learned from your readings as a new supply of post ideas

17. Share videos and podcasts related to your industry

LinkedIn wants to promote content that provides audiences with value, and many people find value in video and audio material related to their field.

Sharing videos and podcasts related to your industry can provide valuable information to your audience, making it more likely to get promoted by LinkedIn's algorithm. 

One thing to note is that you shouldn’t just share a link to the video or podcast. Instead, you should share the video itself on your page. LinkedIn doesn’t like posts that share a link, so the algorithm is more likely to favor posts with an actual video instead of just the link.

Share videos and podcasts related to your industry

18. Share an interesting story with a lesson

Everyone loves a good story. You can use them to teach a lesson, highlight a point, or for entertainment.

Try sharing a story related to your industry with your LinkedIn followers. Try including the following elements:

  • An engaging hook
  • A clear point
  • A call to action

Take a look at this very brief but motivational story shared on LinkedIn:

Share an interesting story with a lesson

19. Ask a question

Asking a question encourages engagement, which helps your posts get seen by more people. In addition, questions demonstrate that you care about your audience’s opinions.

Before you post a question, make sure it’s relevant and thought-provoking. In other words, your question shouldn’t just be “Hamburgers or hot dogs?”

It should be something that'll encourage discussion about something people care about.

Ask a question

Post Planner’s Post Ideas feature includes a questions tab, which offers tons of high-quality questions that'll help you get engagement on your next post.

Post Planner’s Post Ideas section

20. Post statistics or data

Sharing relevant statistics or industry data can provide valuable insights and boost your credibility as an expert.

As we discussed earlier, providing value to your followers is the key to getting more engagement on LinkedIn. Your followers will find value in relevant industry data, so these posts often get a ton of engagement.

If you come across data and statistics while researching your field or using your Content Streams in Post Planner, why not share them with your followers on LinkedIn?

share stats on linkedin

Remember that visual content often outperforms written content, so infographics and other visual forms of data like the one shown above work well.


21. Share a tip about LinkedIn on LinkedIn

Sounds kind of funny doesn't it? It is — but it works!

People on LinkedIn, love learning about LinkedIn.

For example, you’re reading this article on how to get more value from LinkedIn. That shows you’re interested in getting more out of your LinkedIn presence.

Your followers are interested in the same thing!

Instead of hoarding all this LinkedIn knowledge for yourself, try sharing some LinkedIn optimization tips with your followers. They’ll thank you for the info with engagement on your post.

For example, here’s a great tip shared by a LinkedIn user with her followers:

Share a tip on how to optimize your profile

22. Post an article from another authoritative source in the industry

Sharing insights from other authoritative sources in your field helps position you as a thought leader and encourages your followers to participate in the discussions on your post.

Once again, you should NEVER just share a link to someone’s post. Instead, you should write a thoughtful commentary on whatever you read and show your audience how to access the original material.

The example below does a great job of sharing industry-relevant material. 

commentary on someones post

Try offering your favorite point, something you disagree with, or something you learned when you share articles.


23. Highlight a recent accomplishment of someone in your industry

One of the easiest ways to generate content is to celebrate the successes of others. After all, who doesn’t love some recognition?

Whether it’s a colleague, an industry leader, or a follower, highlighting someone’s recent accomplishment is a great way to develop better relationships with your followers and other leaders in your niche.

It also allows people to see your business’s more personal side.

For example, you can try the following highlight posts:

  • Congratulating someone on a recent award or recognition
  • Sharing news about someone’s successful product launch or similar accomplishment
  • Highlighting a significant milestone or achievement

Highlight a recent accomplishment of someone in your industry

24. Turn a question you got from your comments, DMs, or customers into a post

There's a good chance you repeatedly receive a lot of the same questions from your followers.

If you receive a common question in the comments section of one of your posts, via direct message, or from a customer, consider turning it into a post.

Answering audience questions shows that you’re listening to your audience and have valuable experience to offer them.

For example, this content marketing leader took a question he often gets and turned it into a LinkedIn posting series!

question from audience


The 3 keys to LinkedIn success

We’ve looked at our top 24 LinkedIn post ideas, but what else can you do to increase your success on LinkedIn?

It turns out that having the right post ideas only gets you about half of the way there. To turn a lot of good post ideas into a great LinkedIn page requires an understanding of how LinkedIn works.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s look at the 3 keys to LinkedIn success that'll transform your page into a thriving online community.

Key #1: Consistency

Posting content regularly is the first key to success on LinkedIn. Consistency is critical for a couple of reasons:

  1. It establishes a routine that your audience can follow, which makes them anticipate more of your content
  2. It signals to the LinkedIn algorithm that your account is active, which helps your posts become more visible.

So, how regularly should you post?

Ideally, you should post about 5 times per week, but no more than 20 times monthly. You should also avoid posting more than once per day to keep from looking like spam.

Key #2: Quality

Second, if you want to succeed on LinkedIn, you should keep the quality of your posts extremely high.

While consistency is essential, sharing quality content is crucial. Sharing low-quality content just makes your brand look bad. Over time, it can harm your brand’s reputation and make you lose your audience’s trust.

On the other hand, high-quality content that aligns with your brand's values puts your best foot forward and shows your audience that you’re a serious presence in your industry.

Key #3: Variety

The final key to LinkedIn success is variety. If your content is always the same-old same-old, you risk losing your audience’s interest.

Variety means sharing different types of content on your page, such as:

  • Text-only posts
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Case studies
  • Stories

Variety keeps your content fresh and gives your brand a distinct voice. It also keeps your audience from getting bored with your content (which might lead them to click that dreaded “unfollow” button).

Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn post ideas

What should I write on my LinkedIn post?

The best thing you can do to ensure that your LinkedIn post gets engagement is to write HELPFUL information. Write about things that'll help others in your industry improve their business or better understand current trends.

What should a beginner post on LinkedIn?

Start out with the 24 post ideas above and a Post Planner free trial. Combining those 2 resources should give you a fantastic start toward developing a thriving LinkedIn page.

What are the most successful LinkedIn posts?

There is no one type of LinkedIn content that’s guaranteed to get you engagement. The main thing you can do is ensure that your posts are high quality and that they offer value to your audience. If you tick those 2 boxes, you’ll get engagement.

How do I go viral on LinkedIn?

There’s no hack to go viral. You just have to keep posting high-quality content that resonates with your audience. As you learn and get to know your audience, your content will improve until you consistently get great engagement numbers.

What LinkedIn posts get the most views?

The LinkedIn posts that get the most views are the ones that contain the most value. That may not be as sexy as giving a 100% foolproof strategy to get views (which doesn’t exist, by the way), but it’s true. If you want views, provide value.

However, visual content — like images, videos, and carousels — is a great way to stop people from scrolling to consume your valuable posts

How do I stand out on LinkedIn?

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, create higher quality content than your competitors and provide your industry niche with more value. It sounds simple, but it'll take effort! 😅

Automate your LinkedIn posting

LinkedIn is a powerful platform. However, making the most of the platform takes a solid strategy and good post ideas.

Coming up with fresh, interesting, and relevant ideas can sometimes be challenging. But with these 24 LinkedIn post ideas, you can demolish your writer’s block and create highly engaging content that resonates with your audience (and the LinkedIn algorithm).

If you’re struggling to find sources for filling your LinkedIn posting schedule, I highly recommend signing up for a free trial for Post Planner so you can access their content curation and automation tools.

Remember to develop a relationship with your audience, stick to the 3 keys to LinkedIn success, and never stop improving your LinkedIn presence.

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