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19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Boosts Likes and Engagement

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The days when only B2B companies or business professionals used LinkedIn are gone.

No matter who you are, whether a business owner or an office worker, your LinkedIn profile is a digital business card that communicates more than just your skills, experience, and network.

According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report

  • 81% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for business promotion
  • B2C marketers have increased their use of LinkedIn from 46% to 50%
  • 55% of marketers plan on increasing their LinkedIn organic activities in 2021

Simply put, LinkedIn marketing is here to stay!

But for most of the 260 million monthly active LinkedIn users (40% of whom access the platform daily) LinkedIn's feed can be boring. 

This means content creators will get little to no engagement unless they produce interesting and creative content.

And that's why you need to keep reading this post to get 19 tips for LinkedIn content that boosts Likes and drives serious engagement!

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Boosts Likes and Engagement

First things first: LinkedIn Likes and engagement are the measure of your content's performance.

The more people engage with your LinkedIn content, the more people LinkedIn will show it to.

Here are 3 reasons to care about your LinkedIn engagement:

  1. Helps you reach your target audience: The more people interact with your content, the more people see it. As a result, it helps to increase the number of LinkedIn connections and deliver your brand message to the right audience.
  2. Helps promote your company: People pay close attention to recommendations from peers, so when other members like or share your content, it serves as a trust signal for other people who become interested in your company.
  3. Helps achieve your business goals: Practically every business wants to generate leads. Sharing engaging content is a proven way to start a conversation with your target audience, spark their interest in your business, and turn these engaged followers into leads. As a result, your company will be using LinkedIn to achieve its business goals.

In short, if you have a LinkedIn presence, that's great...

But if you want to spark interest in your business, grow your network, and find potential clients, it's important to go viral on LinkedIn and post content that drives engagement. 

Here are the different content ideas that engage your LinkedIn community and result in more likes, comments, shares, clicks and reposts.

1. Talk about your company's views and values

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it's no wonder that most users want to learn more about your company when they check out your business profile.

The best way to satisfy their needs and drive engagement is to tell them about your company's views and values. Not only does it help to promote your company and deliver the right message to your target audience, but it also helps to attract the right clients who share your views.

To kill two birds with one stone, you can feature a video with your top management as it brings authenticity while telling more about your business. Check out how IMB Bank did it:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-51-40-PM

2. Take your audience behind the scenes with LinkedIn Stories

Brand authenticity matters!... People always choose brands they trust. 

One of the best and easiest ways to show your brand authenticity is to take your audience behind the scenes. Not only does it help to create an emotional bond with your customers as they feel special, but it also helps to increase brand loyalty and trust.

Behind the scenes (BTS) content tells more about the brand they love. Whether you want to show your office time, post greetings from your CEO, or introduce your team members,  this content shows your business culture, management, staff, and everyday processes.

But here's the deal: to drive engagement and convince more followers to consume your LinkedIn content, lay a bet on short-form content that vanishes within 24 hours and therefore creates a sense of urgency. 

With the introduction of LinkedIn Stories, there's a new engaging and creative way to take your audience behind the scenes without clogging the main feed up with content.

Moreover, Stories are extremely popular among the next generation of social media users as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Stories have 500 million daily active users. This means Stories format drives engagement.

When it comes to LinkedIn Stories, you can make your behind the scenes content even more engaging as you can tag people, add stickers, and write texts.

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-1Want to stand out from the crowd? Create eye-catching video LinkedIn Stories that grab the attention of your audience with video editing tools like VideoLeap.

It has a great variety of features that allow users to mix videos and images, use special effects, add filters, and therefore create and edit stunning videos on the go. 

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives EngagementMoreover, this tool helps to create videos that fit LinkedIn Stories format and tell more engaging stories about your business culture.

As a result, this content drives engagement and sparks interest in your company.

3. Use videos to explain how your service works

For most brands, having a social media presence is a great way to tell more about their business, show off their products or services, and find potential customers. With a short lifespan of 8 seconds, it can be difficult to hold your audience's attention.

The solution? Video content!

As specified in one report on video marketing, 59% of people prefer watching a video to reading a text to learn about products or services, viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video, and 92% of users share videos with others.

Simply put, people consume videos better than any other form of content. With the right video posts, you can explain how your service or product works and therefore attract more customers to your business.

Here's how FedEx uses this strategy:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-53-38-PM

4. Talk about your company's milestones and achievements

A sense of belonging and brand trust are just a few reasons why people want to buy from successful brands.

To mark your company’s development and growth, it's important to tell about significant moments of accomplishment on social media.

Whether your company celebrates an anniversary, staff growth, or new product launch, tell your LinkedIn followers about these achievements.

For example, if you get brand mentions in popular publications, it's a good idea to share the link on your LinkedIn profile, just like Oracle did it. Not only can it drive more website traffic to the article and therefore promote your business, but it can also increase brand loyalty and trust.

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-55-08-PM

People are more likely to share the good news with their friends, so this type of content has more chances to get more likes, comments, and reports. All in all, it helps to drive engagement.

5. Create and share a podcast

Modern people invest much time and effort into personal development and they try to make the most out of each minute. Since people can listen to informative podcasts on the go, this content type is growing in popularity.

As a niche expert, you can create your podcast to share knowledge with your audience. If you have a podcast, share it on LinkedIn.

Why? 64% of podcast listeners also use social media platforms several times a day, so sharing your podcast on LinkedIn is a great way to reach a wider audience and drive more engagement.

To reach more people with your podcast series, you can use LinkedIn posts to find new guests who can spread the word about your podcast on their profiles.

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-51-69-PM

After all, people are happy to tell friends and family about their achievements.

When you invite them to be featured on your podcast, they feel valued and they are more likely to tell about this experience on their profiles.

6. Post niche reports and statistics

For most business professionals, it's important to keep up with niche trends. Thus, LinkedIn users are interested in reports and statistics that show what is trendy on the market.

Do you have a niche report or a list of statistics on your blog? Great! It's time to share your research with your fans. Check out how Accenture did it:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-56-00-PM

Spending time and effort on report preparation, it's great to make the most out of it, so you can share it with your following to provide your fans with valuable content.

Moreover, many writers link back to reports when writing articles, so you can get a chance to attract more LinkedIn connections.

7. Include a call-to-action in the caption

Engaged LinkedIn users matter a lot. When your connections are happy to join a conversation, you can expect to get more likes, comments, and shares. In other words, engaged users mean higher engagement rates.

So, wouldn't it be great to start a conversation with your LinkedIn connections and get more comments? 

With the right calls to action in the caption, you convince your connections to take the desired action. To drive more engagement, you can ask people to share their thoughts in the comment section.

Here's how ASOS did it:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement

8. Announce a new product

Whether you're a B2C or B2B company, telling people about new products is important. 

When people love and support your business, both B2C and B2B customers are interested in new products. What is more, announcing a new product is a great way to reach a wider audience as it can satisfy their needs.

That's why a new product launch is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Plus, you marketing automation allows you to plan your product announcement in advance which means you can save time.

Once you have a new product, create a LinkedIn post to tell about it and therefore cause a buzz. Let's take Lululemon, for example:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-53-66-PM

9. Recognize your hard-working employees

With a focus on professional networking and career development, LinkedIn is the best place to recognize your hard-working employees.

Not only does it create an emotional bond with your workers, but it also helps to put a human face on your brand.

When you show photos or videos of your employees, it builds trust, improves recognition, and makes your brand more authentic. 

As a result, both employees and clients are happy to spread the word about your stuff. Let's take a look at a post from IBM: 

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-3

Here are several ways on how to recognize your employees on LinkedIn:

  • Introduce your team
  • Tell about employees' achievements
  • Post short interviews with team members

To reach a wider audience and drive engagement, tag featured people as it's a proven way to increase organic reach.

After all, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, so it's a good idea to give your fans a solid reason to spread the word about your company.

10. Use LinkedIn Live sessions

A great way to draw attention to your content is to create a sense of urgency.

How? Go live on LinkedIn to share something valuable with your fans.

Whether you want to organize a Q&A session, do an interview with a niche influencer, or show your products/services in action, live sessions help to deliver your informative and interesting content while keeping your audience engaged. 

For instance, Terry Edwards used the live stream to host a free webinar and he informed his audience in advance:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-2

At first blush, it seems that telling about your webinar one day before can result in a low attendance rate. However, 29% of webinar attendees register on the day of the webinar, so it's a smart idea on how to attract more viewers.

11. Organize a LinkedIn Event for your community

The LinkedIn events is another feature that helps to reach a wider audience on the platform.

Since more and more people are interested in online workshops and professional meetups, LinkedIn users search for relevant events that can bring them value.

Thus, it's a good idea to organize a LinkedIn event. This feature allows organizers to tell everything attendees should know about the event (either online or offline), so it's easy for interested users to sign up for it.

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-52-53-PM

To attract more attendees, it's a good idea to extract emails from LinkedIn and announce your LinkedIn event via email, too. Since people access emails daily, chances are that they won't miss your event.

12. Upload useful documents

Sharing useful content that solves users' problems is a great way to drive engagement.

LinkedIn allows users to share documents on their profiles, so this means an opportunity for businesses to repurpose their insightful content such as company policies, insights & trends, handy guides, and knowledge sharing.

For example, Salesforce has uploaded its report to LinkedIn profile so that interested users can learn more about their predictions and trends: 

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-56-35-PM

13. Explain how your business works with visual content

Most people are visual learners which means consuming visual content is easier for us than reading plain texts.

To grab the attention of your audience and spark interest in your content, include images in your posts.

Moreover, you can use visual content to explain how your business works. The more people understand about your business, the more customers you can acquire.

Let's take a look at Shake Shack. With the outbreak of COVID-19, restaurants have implemented safety measures to operate safely during the pandemic. Shake Shack has created a series of informative infographics that shows how the company minimizes the risk of COVID-19:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-53-03-PM

14. Run ad campaigns

No matter how well-written your LinkedIn post is, it means nothing unless you have an audience who is interested in reading it.

Whether you have a small following on LinkedIn or you want to reach a wider audience, it's important to boost your content with ad campaigns.

With LinkedIn advertising, you can promote important posts, reach more people, and drive engagement.

For example, KissFlow ran an ad to promote its free live webinar:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-54-22-PM

To create effective LinkedIn ad campaigns for your business, spy on your competitors and analyze what works best for them. It can help you create ads your audience will love.

15. Write a LinkedIn article

People love educational content. When you help LinkedIn users learn something valuable from you, they are more likely to interact with your post.

Do you have professional insights to share on LinkedIn? Write a LinkedIn article and help your LinkedIn connections understand your knowledge better. 

Since it becomes part of your professional profile, this content is valuable for all users who want to share their knowledge, tips, and tricks with their network. 

Rebecca Reynoso from G2 is a content editor who also manages a guest post program on the website. Working with different writers, Rebecca knows handy tips and tricks on guest posts, so she writes LinkedIn articles to share her knowledge. For example, she wrote a piece on creating an engaging guest author bio:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-52-06-PM

Posting a LinkedIn article, not only can you prove your niche expertise, but you can also drive engagement as users crave for handy content.

16. Create various community hashtags for posts

Over the last decade, marketers have used hashtags to improve content discovery and engagement.

From regular to unique branded hashtags, there are many ways to use the pound sign and therefore structure your content.

But if you want to promote your content and make sure your audience can find relevant posts with ease, it's a great idea to create community hashtags. For instance, Dunkin' has a brand hashtag to mark its behind the scenes content:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-55-44-PM

17. Inform your community about job openings

LinkedIn is the largest business and employment-oriented social media platform, so it's no wonder that both employees and HR recruiters use it to find job opportunities and candidates.

To find a perfect candidate and drive engagement, tell your community about the job opening, just like Amazon did it:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-1

18. Show how you reward your employees

LinkedIn is not just about hunting candidates. It also helps potential employees learn more about your company and its culture to see whether they want to work for you or not.

With the love for behind the scenes content, LinkedIn users want to know more about your company culture. To spark interest in your business, it's important to show your community how you reward your employees.

Whether you send brand gifts to your remote workforce or recognize employees in front of your colleagues, don't miss a chance to tell about it on LinkedIn.

Mango is a great example of this strategy in action. The company constantly shares employee stories on its profile and tells the community about employee promotions:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-4

19. Review your year in one post

Most business professionals claim that writing an annual plan helps to provide direction. What is more, people love to sum up the year and see what has been done. 

To join the trend and share your achievements, it's a good idea to review your year in one post. Check out how Starbucks did it:

19 Tips for LinkedIn Content that Drives Engagement-Jan-12-2021-06-54-54-48-PM

Writing an annual sum up is a great way to tell about your achievements, recognize your employees, and thank your community for being with you.

After all, this content type generated more likes, comments, and shares which means your post gets a higher engagement rate.

Conclusion: 19 Tips for Linkedin Content that Boosts Likes and Engagement

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms where businesses can promote their products and services.

But simply posting on your LinkedIn profile isn't enough to bring your business to the next level. It's important to produce content that drives engagement.

Why? Social media engagement is one of the most important social media KPIs all marketers should track. The more people interact with your content, the more new followers you can reach. 

With the right LinkedIn marketing tools, creating and curating engaging content is no longer a problem, so choose the best LinkedIn post ideas that fit your business and publish them on your profile to increase your engagement rate.

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