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17 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic FAST!

Posted 06 July, 2015
How to promote your blog posts and get more traffic (graphic)


how to promote your blog (feature image)

You've just completed a blog post and hit the "Publish" button.


Writing is hard work, but you hung in there and finished. Good for you!

Now what do you do next?

Should you congratulate yourself? (for sure)

Should you take a break? (you deserve it)

Should you kick back and wait for blog traffic to start pouring in?


Publishing your post without promoting it is like standing quietly in a room of crowded people and wishing you could be the life of the party.

Don't just wish your blog was the life of the party, make it happen.

How do you do this?

You get out there and promote your post!

After all, hitting Publish is only the beginning. Now the work really starts.

But you don't have to go it alone. I've put together a list of techniques that will give you the biggest bang for your marketing efforts.

Let's dive in!

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How to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic FAST!

Pro Tip: The best place to promote your blog is wherever your audience is. These ideas can get you going... but they don't replace knowing and selecting your readers with care.

1. Start with Facebook

For many bloggers, Facebook is the first stop for promotions. The most recent data from Pew Research Center says 71% of internet users are on Facebook. It is the most popular social media platform in the world.

Pro Tip: Make your entry look natural. Don't just throw out links... add some perspective.


2. Reschedule content for the future

Start with Facebook, but don't stop there. Take things one step further by rescheduling your posts to repeat at set intervals.

How do you do that? It's easy with the Post Planner app.

Whenever you click the re-queue button, the blog post will be scheduled for the next available publication (which you set to your own specifications).

Post Planner is way cool and incredibly helpful (true story and shameless plug).

Get more blog shares with Post PlannerDon't worry about offending people by republishing some of your photos. Post Planner's old (evergreen) posts still get tons of engagement.

social media checklist graphic

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3. Highlight your posts

After you have successfully posted on your Facebook business Page (or on your client's Page), the first thing to do is click ‘Pin to Top’.

That will make the post 'sticky' and serve to increase reach -- since every visitor to the Page will see that post until you replace it with another pin.

getting more Facebook Likes photo

4. Take advantage of Twitter

Twitter allows you to post multiple times (with low risk of annoying your followers).

Here are some suggestions:

  • Post the same tweet with different headlines
  • Post using images and non-images
  • Retweet your own tweet when others share that post.

Pro Tip: Want to become a Twitter influencer? Here's how: 40 Simple Tips.

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5. Pin your tweets

Similar to Facebook's 'Pin to Top,' you can pin your tweets to get better exposure.

Pinning a tweet can help increase the virality of a post. I’ve tested the tactic numerous times and have seen dramatic results from it.

Here’s a sample tweet that received over 900+ retweets while it was pinned:

6. Be sure to use "Click to Tweet"

Setting up "Click to Tweet" capability can help increase shares on Twitter. Click to Tweets are fun, succinct and effective. They promote the post from within the post itself.

Some even like the idea so much they include Click to Tweet opportunities multiple times in a post.

This article is an example of that... have you clicked on one of the "Click to Tweet" links yet? Come on, check it out!

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7. Don't forget about Google+

Despite rumors to the contrary, Google+ is not dead. There are many active communities there. We found that using vertical images is an effective tactic on Google+.

Experiment yourself to find what works for you. And remember the maxim: The most important thing is to go where YOUR audience is. If your peeps are on Google+, you should be there too.

8. Get noticed on Pinterest

Image is KEY on Pinterest. If you want to rock the platform, read Rebekah Radices's article, "7 Ways to Create Perfect Pinterest Images (that Drive Clicks!)." 

Then do that.

We create vertical images for all of our posts on Pinterest. Check out the screenshot of our "Facebook How-To's" Pinterest board.

Facebook how-to's graphic

9. Search for gold on LinkedIn

Many professionals use LinkedIn on a daily basis. Join groups that are active and not filled with spammers. Engage the audience there and share your best content from time to time.

You can even use LinkedIn Pulse to republish your best work right there on LInkedIn.

If your audience is on LinkedIn, you should be on LInkedIn. Don't just accept every invitation to connect, rather build your connections deliberately (with an eye towards your audience). These 11 LInkedIn Resources can help you shine: Crush it on LinkedIn.

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10. Set mobile on fire with Instagram

Don’t forget Instagram. It's a hot platform! You can’t publish your blog there, though, since you can’t add URL links to your post descriptions.

Instead, what we do at Post Planner is make a digestible post format by sharing the points of the post (see the screenshot).

For in-depth advice about how to promote your blog on Pinterest (and to see a sneaky work-around for the URL hurdle) check this out: 6 Cool Instagram Tips.

Post Planner app graphic

11. Join a Tribe!

Never underestimate the power of blog networks. That's where folks join forces to help one another with promotions. 

Triberr, for instance, is a group of writers who read and share each other's content. I’ve seen great success from my Triberr mates.

Another hotspot for help promoting your posts is Viral Content Buzz. Here's a free tutorial on how to buzz: Social Media and Content Marketing with VCB.

You shouldn't rely exclusively on networking for blog promotions, but these platforms can certainly be valuable tools to add to the mix.

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12. Get active on Inbound.org

Inbound is a like a mini forum where users share the best content. As with other social media platforms, just be sure you are sharing great finds from others' work and not just blasting out updates about your own.

Be a good neighbor and you will attract good neighbors.

social media for blog promotions graphic

Inbound.org is an excellent place to get active. The more you participate, the more you will be accepted and known there.

13. Never forget the fundamentals

You have a mailing list, right? Do you have a newsletter? If you don’t, start one today! Newsletters are an excellent medium for letting your fans know you’ve published a blog post. Just keep to the point and always provide valuable content. 

I personally subscribe to (and read) newsletters from my favorite blogs.

What? You don't think your mailing list is quite large enough yet? If there's one person on it, you can begin. To build that list, check this article: Collecting Emails from Facebook Fans.

14. Go pro and cough up a few shekels for paid ads

Horror stories abound about businesses that have invested a ton in paid ads and lost it all. Some say buying ads is about as smart as gambling in a casino. Done right, though, paid ads can offer a hefty return on investment.

Check this article by Scott Ayres about how a $65 spend on Facebook boosted posts raked in $3,200 in sales (in short order). 

Scott's experience may not be typical, but he says it CAN BE if you'll think straight and follow sound principles.

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17. Email or tag specific bloggers

Every time you mention another company or person in your post, you've an opportunity to leverage the mention into help with promotions.

Note how I linked to Scott Ayres' Twitter profile above. Now if I ping Scott to let him know I used his post as an example, do you think he would reshare the Tweet and maybe even help promote this post in other ways?

I'm willing to wager he will -- and not just because Scott is a Post Planner advocate.

Test the idea for yourself on your own blog. Mention one of Scott's articles in a post, let him know and see what happens.

Scott may be a busy guy, but not too busy to give a rolling ball a nudge. He knows how valuable it is to invest time on promotions.

Every successful online marketer does!

Summing up -- How to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic FAST!

Remember, a post must be promoted if you want it to be read. So, the next time you publish your masterpiece, remember to promote your content to get maximum traffic and visibility.

Start with the maxim to "Go where your audience goes" -- then get the word out. 

Publication is not the end of the trail. It is the beginning. Once you push your work live... get into action.

Test out the Click to Tweets to let me know you're listening. Got some advice to add? Comments are open!

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