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How to Become a Twitter Influencer: 40 Simple Tips from a Normal Guy w/ 500k Followers

Posted 12 May, 2015

How_to_Become_a_Twitter_Influencer-lstwitter influencerEver find yourself wondering:

  • How do I make my tweets stand out?
  • How often should I tweet?
  • What should I say?
  • When should I post to Twitter for most exposure?

Sure you do!

I get asked those questions every day.

With the lightening pace that Twitter moves, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.

But that's all going to change today -- because I'm sharing secrets behind my Twitter success. Yes, including the exact techniques I used to grow a following of more than 475,000!

You want to do the same, right? Well, I'm here to tell you, YOU CAN!

Just read my top 40 tips to get your Twitter account tuned up and ready to rock!

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How to Become a Twitter Influencer: 40 Simple Tips from a Normal Guy w/ 500k Followers

1. Load up your profile photo -- don't be an egghead

Let's start from the top. You don't want to BE and egghead, and you don't want an audience of eggheads. If the Twitter account URL includes "default" that tweeter is still and egg.

Web geek Amit Agaral wrote a script to help you determine how many of your followers are egg-heads. Tweet Amit... and maybe he will give you the keys to that gem.

Twitter Egg Profile

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2. Make your Twitter bio intriguing and REAL

Here are my 7 best ideas for writing a great bio:

  • Use keywords to attract your desired audience
  • Embrace the space -- the bio is your 160-character elevator speech!
  • Tell us what you do or believe in -- vanilla is popular only in ice cream
  • Include the name of your company or employer (for a personal bio)
  • Avoid meaningless buzzwords -- I mean, what's a "lean entrepreneur" anyway?
  • Add social proof - don't be afraid to mention honors, positions and achievements
  • Use humor (if you don't have any, borrow some)

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3. Test different bios to see how response is affected

Follow the ABT's of smart online marketing: Always be Testing.

Don't assume (that makes an "ass" of "u" and "me") you know what your audience will respond to -- test and find out for certain!

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4. Use Twitter Lists to organize your tweets

Here's the real fun: You can subscribe to Lists by other Tweeters -- and they can do the same for your Lists!

Party time!

How to create a Twitter List

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5. Add a Twitter header to make your account stand out

For a business account, THINK BRANDING -- speaking of which, Big Brand System put forth on the topic with their treatise on how to create that perfect header in "3 Easy Steps." Check it out right here.

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6. Choose a Twitter handle that best describes your brand

Branding is all about consistency.

If you sell soap in Duluth, don't use @the_beach_in_orlando as your Twitter handle. (What, Orlando isn't on the coast?) Stay consistent.

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7. Keep your tweets short so people can retweet you easily

- No comment :)

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8. Respond to people who reply to your tweets

Take it from Ann Smarty: Twitter is primarily about making connections and building dialogue.

The last time I checked, it takes at least two people to get a dialogue going. BE that person who is there to engage in community, not to blast out a solid stream of spam.

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9. Keep a List of your most engaging audience (i.e. evangelists)

You did get Lists going (#4), right? Those who engage are golden.

Keep a List for them and treat them well. These are your 'buds.'

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10. Tweet great quotes -- spread the love

Quotes can inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry, and help us see the world in a different way.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that Post Planner's Josh Parkinson loves to compose aphorisms? Check out his page, find one you love then surprise him with a tweet.

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Josh Parkinson Writing Quote

11. Don’t use numerals in your Twitter handle -- not even 1 :)

Don't ask me why. Just don't do it. Do THIS instead.

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12. Tweet to at least 5 different people each day

Remember, Twitter is all about making connections... so get out there and CONNECT!

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13. Tweet images with your tweets (to get more retweets)

I will spare you the stats, but you know it anyway: Tweets with images get more attention.

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How to add photos to tweets Straight from the horse's mouth - Twitter.com

14. Avoid tweeting the same headlines -- use your own

Lazy tweeters are predictable and boring. Don't be predictable and boring.

And, by the way, don't forget to use Post Planner to find and tweet the VIRAL STUFF!

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15. Use . in front of your username if you want to keep the tweet public

- Let me explain. When you begin a tweet with @, Twitter takes it as a 'private' message (sort of). It will only be seen by the person you direct it to (@seosmarty, how ya doing?, for instance) and your followers will see the tweet.

If you want the message to be seen by everyone in Twitter Land (and that now includes Google Search), put a period in front of the @ -- like this: .@seosmarty, how ya doing? Is that as clear as mud? Tweet me if you need help with that.

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16. Get more exposure and followers by joining Twitter chats

Twitter chats are super-cool. They are an excellent way to meet people (Twitter's primary function) and get involved in the communities you care about.

While you are at it, drop on by #ViralChat. It's hosted by @PostPlanner and goes live every Thursday at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

If you've not yet indulged, check out TweetReport's Twitter Chat Schedule to find topics that fit your (and your customers' interests).

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17. Tweet what you’re doing or eating -- it can boost your personality

I know, everyone says not to. And that is exactly why you should do it (in moderation).

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18. Double check to make sure you’re tweeting on the right account

Holy smoke, this one can be embarrassing (and damaging to a client or client relationship).

Always, always, always check to see which account you are posting from. If you don't have multiple accounts -- this is really a list of 41 best tips :)

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19. Join trending hashtags on Twitter

We are social beings and Twitter is social media -- so GET SOCIAL. Trends are like cops police officers looking for drunk drivers on a Memorial Day weekend.

They can get you caught up in a whirlwind of activity and change your life.

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20. Follow others first if you want them to follow you

Another way to put that: "Tweet others the way you would be tweeted"


how to tweet others From the #MyBlogU Twitter Chat

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21. Know the best ratios for content types

I know you want me to tell you what that ratio should be... but I can't.

Your "Golden Ratio" is very much dependent on your audience and product or service. Here's a standard rule of thumb:

  • 30% of your tweets should be content you created
  • 60% should be curated content
  • 10% of your content can be promotional.

Remember -- the main thing is to interact with and be of service to others.

When you do right, you can do as you will.

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22. If you want to use Twitter, you need to learn the lingo

- Lingo? What lingo? Here's the glossary.


hashflag definition From Twitter.com

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23. Share behind the scenes stories -- they keep you personal

C'mon, let the cat out of the bag, throw caution to the wind, get REAL!

(disclaimer: neither this author nor Post Planner or its employees are responsible for any acts of reckless abandon by those who read this.)

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24. Use hashtags to target your audience and increase your reach

Hashtags are laser pointers that shine on folks serious about a topic.

If you want followers who live and breathe #autoparts... use the hashtag! Hashtags.org is my go-to spot for hashtag research.

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25. Don’t complain about your employer on Twitter

Did I ever tell you how much I love Josh Parkinson and the whip-bearers kick-ass staff at Post Planner?

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26. Make sure you pin your tweets to get extra retweets

Okay, we're NOT talking Pinterest here (at least not right now).

Twitter lets you pin a tweet to the top of your timeline. That provides greater/longer visibility and (if it's good stuff) more retweet action.

Here's how: View your profile, select the tweet, click the 3 dots in the bottom middle and select "Pin to your profile page."

how to pin tweets

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27. Tweet with different headlines - Always be testing

Remember the motto. Test, then test some more. Then some more. Testing tells you the TRUTH.

Your mind tells you want you think... the goal is to know what your audience thinks!

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28. Don't touch that retweet button -- use manual tweet instead

Why would you NOT use the auto-retweet function?

  • Auto-retweets don't include your profile photo
  • What you get is what you see -- you can't change the tweet
  • Tweeters can prevent auto-retweets from showing... not so with manual retweets

How do you do a 'manual retweet'? Cut and paste, baby, cut and paste :)

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29. Give the world a piece of your mind -- don't be afraid to tell it like it is

Nobody likes a hypocrite. Not even hypocrites like hypocrites. Don't hide who you are and what you really think.

If you're passionate about something let it show! (All within propriety and reason, of course.) Please see the disclaimer at #23 :)

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30. Don’t bite the hands that feed you -- be kind in your Tweets

Okay, this goes without saying: If you wouldn't say it to their faces, don't say it on Twitter.

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31. Don't be an idiot -- keep bigoted remarks to yourself

Many times, people will say things 'jokingly' they would never say seriously. Those jokes aren't funny. Trust me.

They will make you look like a complete jerk and cost you business. Nada.

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32. Tweet from an event -- Live

Twitter research says live-tweeting from an event (as it unfolds) delivers increases of 160% in follower growth and 190% in retweets. That's not the icing on the cake, though.

Do you remember what Twitter is all about? Yep, social interaction.

Live-tweeting allows you to network with, hookup with, communicate with others around a common theme.

Bottom line: Do it!


Twitter live tweets From media.twitter.com

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33. Share videos that let your personality shine

Don't do this if you happen to be an axe murderer.

Otherwise, videos of your work, your vacation, you speaking at a conference -- all build the bond between you and your community -- and bond-building (wait for it, here it comes) is what Twitter is all about!

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34. Find relevant Twitter users by swiping them from other people's Lists

Okay, "swiping" is a harsh word. Let's say "borrowing." There was a time (well more than one time) when Twitter allowed List location via onsite searching. That function does not exist today.

Until further notice, you have to get your ninja outfit on and use Google Search to locate Lists. (Okay, there are other ways -- but this is BY FAR the coolest.)

Here's the code: site:twitter.com inurl:lists [your keyword]


Google trick to find Twitter lists. A Google trick to find Twitter lists.

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35. Subscribe to Lists before you create them

I know, your time is limited. You can get your feet wet with Lists just by clicking "Subscribe."

Later, when you're hooked and see the massive ROI potential, take an hour and create targeted Lists. You'll love it. Promise.

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36. Schedule your tweets to post at intervals, don't drop them all at once

Remember: Twitter posts NOW and moves fast. To be seen, you must space your posts.

That not only prevents you from looking like a spammer, but makes it much more likely your hard work will be seen. You can't stay awake 24/7 sending out Tweets.

But Post Planner can do that for you. Click here to find out how.

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37. Host a Twitter contest and watch your follower count explode

There's a whole nother' article here and Wishpond covers it like a boss.

Bookmark their page on how to run a Twitter contest and refer to it when you're ready to jump in with both feet.

It's time-consuming and takes some effort -- but the upside potential is huge!

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38. It’s better to speak to an audience than yell at a crowd

Most people and companies focus on the wrong stuff when considering their Twitter stats.

What good are zillions of followers if nobody is coming on into the circle to buy your products or services?

Hey, the bottom line is ALWAYS the bottom line. Never lose sight of it.

Focus on building relationships with real people who need what you offer and your kids will never go hungry.

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39. Give them what they want -- content is NOT king... great content is king

The days of paragraphs full of keywords to trick the search engines and worthless content to bring in eyeballs are long gone.

Well, they're not gone -- goofballs still do it -- but smart folks know the bar has been raised considerably. Consumers will bolt as soon as they suspect you are one of the afore-mentioned goofballs.

I hate to unmercifully plug Post Planner, but HEY... great content is Post Planner's specialty. If I knew another place to send you, I would.

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40. Compose fill-in-the-blanks tweets and start a party!

People love _______. There's something about the mind that makes it HATE an incomplete sentence. We need closure.

Ask people to fill in the blank and you're going to have a fun-packed time. Try it, you'll ______.*-

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Wrapping it Up With a Challenge

I know these tips work. They show you exactly how I took my own Twitter account from zip to (currently) 465K followers.

I know, it all sounds too simple -- but life is composed of grand fundamentals.

Twitter really isn't all that complicated. Do what I've shown you and reap the results.

Here's my challenge:

  1. Take a screenshot of your follower count now (or any other metric you want to track)
  2. Leave a comment to let me know you're in
  3. Come back in 90 days to compare then to now

Your account will get huge publicity and your business will take a giant (social) step forward. That's what happened to me, and that's what's happened to everyone who makes a serious effort and does the deal.



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