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How to Survive Facebook's Latest Algorithm Changes [Podcast]

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How_to_Survive_Facebooks_Latest_Algorithm_Changes_Podcast-lsfacebook's latest algorithm changeNothing gets social media marketers more riled up than Facebook changing its algorithm.

Well, it happened again recently -- and if you haven't heard about the latest update, this podcast is for you.

Post Planner blogger Scott Ayres breaks down the update & explains what your business can do to survive the changes.

You'll get the skinny from Scott on the recent algorithm updates & why pages that try to game the algorithm are doing it wrong.

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Scott also explains what you can do to capitalize on the changes & why frustrated page managers shouldn't ditch Facebook just yet.


How to Survive Facebook's Latest Algorithm Changes [Podcast]

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There were about a dozen major algorithm changes over the past year. And the latest update has 2 main parts:

  1. Increasing importance for Trending Topics
  2. Increasing visibility for posts that are engaged with quickly

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • the details of Facebook's latest algorithm changes
  • why Facebook marketers seem to hate algorithm changes
  • how posts about trending news topics will get top billing in the Facebook news feed
  • why you shouldn't try to artificially game the algorithm with posts about trending topics
  • how posts with lots of immediate Facebook engagement will rank better in the news feed
  • how Facebook may be placing higher priority on important & popular news stories
  • how Facebook may be mimicking Twitter with its trending topics feature
  • why page managers try to game the algorithm
  • why Facebook works well for local businesses
  • how your business page can survive algorithm changes
  • how you need to run Facebook ads to build a solid fan base
  • how algorithm changes improve Facebook for users
  • why reach is better on Facebook than Twitter or Google+
  • why algorithm changes are not for Facebook marketers
  • some of the most significant algorithm changes of the past year
  • when Facebook started discussing the algorithm publicly
  • big trending news stories from the past
  • why some posts get prime news feed real estate
  • how page managers have responded to the latest algorithm changes
  • why strong content is still the best way to deal with a changing news feed
  • how posts about trending topics get 6% more engagement on Facebook
  • how to find good Facebook posts

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Pat Parkinson
Pat Parkinson

Pat is Chief Propaganda Officer & Brand Journalist at Post Planner. When he's not snowboarding, fly-fishing or traversing continents, he gets the dirt & spreads the word.


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