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5 Things My Loudmouth Grandma Taught Me About Facebook Marketing

Posted 09 March, 2014

5_Things_My_Loudmouth_Grandma_Taught_Me_About_Facebook_Marketing-lsgrandma_facebook_marketing_sqMy grandma could have beaten up your grandma!

Seriously, she could have.

She passed away in April 2009 & I miss her dearly -- because she wasn't like most grandmas.

She didn't cuddle, sew, bake cookies or sit around & read stories to her grandkids.

No way!

My grandma was a loudmouth -- opinionated, brash & not afraid of anyone. In most of my memories of her, she has a beer in one hand & a cigarette in the other.

But despite her flaws, I wouldn't have changed a thing about her.

I especially loved that she always spoke her mind & was completely unique.

I think My grandma would have had great advice for people using social media to grow their businesses. Here are the 5 things she taught me about Facebook marketing:

5 Things My Grandma Taught Me About Facebook Marketing

1. Be Unique

supergrandmaMy grandma was 100% unique.

She didn't go with the flow & didn't do things the way people "expected" her to.

As a Facebook page manager, you should do the same.

There are way too many pages just copying what others do -- and in the end nobody stands out.

Find your voice!

People will flock to your page if your posts are unique.

2. Be Real

rockongrandmaExcept for my mom, my grandma was more real than anybody I've ever met.

She wasn't afraid to be herself & didn't care what others thought of her.

Her fierce independence earned her respect from everyone she encountered.

Strive to be this REAL on your Facebook page.

Don't robotically post the same status update over & over again.

Don't disconnect from your community by not starting conversations with fans -- or ignoring their comments & questions.

Let your authentic personality shine rather than being robotic, boring & fake.

3. Be Vocal

loudgrannyWhen grandma was in the room everyone knew it -- even when they couldn't see her!

Though she was very small in stature she had a booming voice. She talked a lot & always had an opinion to express or story to tell.

Your Facebook page should also be vocal!

You need to post, and post often.

Don't be afraid to update your page!

4. Dress to the Nines

Yetta-the-nanny-34353112-1985-2480Grandma wore her best clothes whenever she left the house.

The dress, the hat, the shoes -- she had it going on!

As a page manager, make sure your company is always dressed to the nines on Facebook. This means posting high quality:

  • Cover photos
  • Profile pictures
  • Images

When you post a status update, write your About section or customize an app thumbnail, always try to look your best.

5. Ignore Critics

middle-fingerThe picture you haven't seen is of my grandma flipping my uncle the bird as he took her picture one day.

She obviously didn't care what anyone thought of her.

Regardless of what her critics said, she was unique, real, vocal & dressed to the nines in all situations!

And these are all great lessons for Facebook marketers.

If posting 20 memes a day gets you lots of engagement, then do it! Don't listen to your critics who claim such "useless" content doesn't belong on Facebook.

If the posts work for your page, forget what that social media "guru" is saying!

Successful page managers ignore the critics & do what works best for THEM!

Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember, the only taste of success some people get, is taking a bite out of you. ~Zig Ziglar

You will succeed on Facebook when you ignore the critics & focus on what's best for your fans.

Let My Grandma Help Rock Your Facebook Page

550x-DJ-GrandmaApply these 5 principles to your Facebook page & your business will be rocking in no time:

  • Be Unique
  • Be Real
  • Be Vocal
  • Be Dressed to the Nines
  • Ignore Your Critics

Have you already put these concepts into action on your page?

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