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6 Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing Your Business

Facebook Marketing Tips

6_Clever_Ways_to_Use_Facebook_Groups_for_Marketing_Your_Business-lsfacebook groups for marketingYou probably belong to at least one Facebook group, right?

But maybe you haven't considered using a Facebook group for your business.

You should.

Today I'll show you how to leverage a Facebook group for your company.

But before you just create a group & start inviting friends to join, remember, the group is NOT about you.

Don't build a group, get people to join & then just spam them with links to your website.

So how do you make Facebook Groups part of your advanced Facebook marketing strategies?

Here are 6 clever ways:

6 Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing

1. Provide Value for Customers

Create a group to reward your customers & make them feel special -- for example, a group exclusively for people who have purchased your product.

Include a link on your sales page or send emails inviting customers to join.

Use the group to follow up with customers or help them if they have questions.

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Dennis Heenan created this group to answer questions from customers & motivate others:


2. Discuss Current Events

Groups are also great places to keep up with current events in your industry. That's why we created a group called Post Planner Experts.

Here, members discuss the latest happenings in the world of social media:


3. Build Your Community

Don't forget the Facebook marketing basics: it's not about you!

A group should be about its members & how the group can provide value for them.

Chris Brogan's The Secret Team is one of the best Facebook groups out there. The level of engagement is off the charts:


4. Communicate with Brand Ambassadors

When considering how to start a Facebook group for business, one of the best reasons might be to keep in touch with your biggest fans.

The strong relationships you have with your top advocates & brand ambassadors are invaluable. And a group like this lets your advocates connect with each other.

A group I belong to allows me to test new product features before they're released to the public.

5. Promote Events

A Facebook group is really handy if you organize or promote lots of events.

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Those who attend the activities will use the group to network & share photos & notes.

6. Strengthen Your Team

If you have a diverse team of people working from different locations, create a Facebook group to keep in touch with your employees & promote company culture.

Key Takeaway

In this post, blogger Scott Ayres runs down the mechanics of creating a Facebook group:

There are many ways to use Facebook groups. Most important is finding a way to provide value for group members that will keep them active & participating in the discussion.

Has your business ever used a Facebook group?

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Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee

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