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Does Your Fan Page Have These 7 Types of Facebook Fans?

Does_Your_Fan_Page_Have_These_7_Types_of_Facebook_Fansfacebook-fan-typesWhen it comes to marketing your business on Facebook, your #1 goal is engaging fans.

But doing so is a challenge -- as all fans are different.

They all have different preferences & aversions.

Which means you must appeal to each in a different way.

The guys over at ReachLocal have published a great infographic below showing the 7 popular types of Facebook fans -- and how to appeal to them.

7 Typical Facebook Fans (and How to Appeal to Each)

>> 1. The Quiet Follower

sleep4Will sometimes read your updates, but only if it catches their eye.


  • Knows of your business, but may not be a customer
  • Likes you because their friends do
  • Doesn't really harm your social media presence

Your Challenge:

  • To create appealing content -- like polls, images, videos -- and strong call-to-actions to engage these fans

Fact: More than 50% of Facebook updates are images

Resources to Help You:

>> 2. The Casual Liker

Will genuinely like some of the things you post -- but just some of it.

casual fanCharacteristics:

  • Connects with your brand because of past purchase or experience
  • Wants friends to see them as a source of good recommendations
  • Boosts your social visability

Your Challenge:

  • To develop creative & engaging posts about new or popular products or services & ask these fans to share them

Fact: 70% of Consumers trust brand or product recommendations from friends

Resources to Help You:

>> 3. The Deal Seeker

Always looking for a deal & has the motto "You scratch my back & I'll scratch yours."

deal seekerCharacteristics:

  • Makes everyday purchasing decisions based on value over loyalty
  • Stays up to date with businesses via social media
  • Helps drive new sales to your business

Your Challenge:

  • To offer deals, promotions & fan appreciation specials to get more shares & new business

Fact: 49% of Social media users follow brand pages for deals, promotions & specials

Resources to Help You:

>> 4. The Unhappy Customer

They had a bad experience & aren't afraid to talk about it!


  • Shares negative experiences on social media pages
  • Expects you to respond to their issue -- soon!
  • Affects your online reputation, potentially in a bad way

Your Challenge:

  • To monitor your pages & business name mentions frequently & to respond to negative posts professionally & quickly

Fact: 42% of Consumers who contact brands on social media expect a response within at least an hour

Resources to Help You:

>> 5. The Ranter

Always wants to YELL about something!


  • Isn't necessarily a customer (but might be)
  • Has strong opinions on personal issues
  • Known by some as a being a "troll"

Your Challenge:

  • To keep a cool head & avoid fueling conversations that aren't related to your business -- don't feed the trolls

Fact: 45% of Consumers are more likely to share negative experiences on social media

Resources to Help You:

>> 6. The Cheerleader

Loves your brand & everything you post rocks!!!


  • Likes, comments on & shares your posts, often from a mobile device
  • Enters every contest & promotion
  • Drives community growth & builds awareness

Your Challenge:

  • To make sure your content is worth cheering about (think limited-time offers or events), especially since friends of these fans will see it

Facts: 74% of Mobile social media users visit Facebook -- 63% visit Twitter several times per day via mobile devices

Resources To Help You:

>> 7. The Loyal Fan

They always have your back -- no matter what!


  • Recommends you to family & friends -- offline & online
  • Provides both valuable praise & constructive criticism
  • Defends you against angry social media fans

Your Challenge:

  • To recognize these loyal fans with customer appreciation gifts
  • To use their positive comments across all of your marketing efforts

Fact: 30% of Consumers are more likely to share their positive experiences via social media

Resources to Help You:

Once you grasp the different types of fans visiting your page you can then ensure that you're posting content that appeals to each of them.



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