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Post Planner helped me increase my reach by 800% in 1 year. Learn More
Post Planner helped me increase my reach by 800% in 1 year. Learn More
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11 Ways to Generate Fresh Content Ideas for Your Facebook Page

11_Ways_to_Generate_Fresh_Content_Ideas_for_Your_Facebook_Pagefresh-facebook-contentWriter's block?

Can't figure out what to post on your Facebook page?

You're not alone.

In fact, I bet if we surveyed all the fan page owners out there, they'd all admit that sometimes they have no clue what to post on their pages.

Not a problem!

Below are 11 ways to generate fresh content ideas for your Facebook page -- and to start posting awesome content again today!

1. Read other Blogs

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No matter what niche your in, there's always someone else out there writing about your topic.

So watch what's trending and find a way to leverage the content or topic ideas for your page.

Here's a great way to find blogs in your niche

2. Answer a Frequently Asked Question

Whether you're running a page for a product or service -- or one based around a topic -- you can always find a common question people are asking and then answer it on your page.

I've mentioned Quora as a content resource before -- but I think it's still underused in this manner.

There are literally 1000s of questions being asked on the site everyday -- on almost every topic. So find a question that's in your niche and post it to your page.

You could either ask your fans to answer it or answer it yourself.

3. Record a Video

People love videos -- especially short videos that help answer a question.

Remember: there are things you do without thinking that other people are struggling with. They need your help!

Record a weekly 3-minute screencast video showing others how to do the activity.

(I'd recommend Snagit for screencasts -- it's super easy to use.)

4. Interview Experts

One of the best ways to create content -- and drive traffic to your site/page -- is to interview someone in your niche.

You can do this via Skype or Google+ -- or any other video capture tool.

You can also just record the audio & turn it into a podcast.

Don't have equipment to record audio or video? Then just interview via email & post as a blog post... like this.

5. Start a Podcast

I'm a huge fan of podcasting. I listen to 3-4 hours of podcasts per day and have 3-4 podcasts of my own on different subjects.

You can start a podcast with a mic & a site like Spreaker and you're on your way.

Or just use your smart phone to record via Spreaker and there is no cost to you. The important thing is delivering valuable content your followers will learn from & enjoy.

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6. Ask Questions

The most engaging types of posts we publish on our page are questions.

People just love to offer their input!

But keep your question short & easy to answer. If your fans can answer in 3 words or less, then you're doing it right.

7. Share a Post from Leaders

There are thought leaders people look to for advice in every niche

Sharing a post from a niche-specific thought leader's blog or fan page is a great way to:

  • show love to the thought leader
  • acknowledge the importance of the niche
  • show your followers that you're not just a broadcaster of your own content

8. Say Thank You!

Did you just hit a milestone in your Like count? Or maybe you got a good review recently?

Sometimes just saying "Thank You" to your fans is content enough. Not only does it give you something to post -- but it also spreads good will to your followers.

And hopefully they'll return the favor by liking or commenting on your post.

9. Re-Share an Old Blog Post

Fan page owners who blog -- myself included -- tend to post a link to their blogpost once (right after they publish it) and then never post it again.


If you only post your article once, then you're missing all the fans who happened not to be on Facebook that day.

Don't you think they want to read your post too?

You'll notice on the Post Planner Facebook page we are constantly re-sharing posts from months ago -- as long as the content is still relevant, of course.

So feel free to re-share your old posts -- just make sure a it's been a week or so before re-posting.

10. Share a Quote

People love to be inspired & they love to laugh.

So share a quote from a known leader or comic.

You can do this via a text update or an image. I'd recommend mixing it up -- as mentioned in my post about increasing engagement.

11. Write a List Post

I bet you're reading this blogpost right now because you read the headline & knew it was a list.


That's because people love lists. Especially when they offer multiple ways to solve a problem.

My advice though is to keep them short. Once you get above 15 items in the list, people tend to skim through your post & move on.

That said, if you're gonna go big then GO BIG -- as we did in our blog post about 100 Facebook Interest Lists -- which is still our all time most visited blogpost.

Your Turn

Hopefully these 11 tips will inspire tons of ideas and help you come up with some awesome Facebook posts.

Do you have a tip you'd add to this list?

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