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How Do You ACTUALLY Become a Social Media Superstar?? (Answers HERE)

How Do You ACTUALLY Become a Social Media Superstar?? (Answers HERE)
How Do You ACTUALLY Become a Social Media Superstar?? (Answers HERE)

social media superstarHow do you become a social media superstar?

  • Do you need special powers?
  • Can anyone do it?
  • Is there a clear path to follow?

We asked Peg Fitzpatrick, social media sharpshooter and co-author of "The Art of Social Media" with Guy Kawasaki, to take the hot seat and answer those questions in this week's edition of #ViralChat.

Peg helped grow Kawasaki's social media presence to over 10 million followers.

10 million!!!.... 1.45 million on Twitter alone!

If anyone knows how to master the art of becoming a social media superstar, it's Peg Fitzpatrick.

So we wanted to know Peg's secret recipe to creating:

  • Viral social media growth
  • Content that drives massive engagement
  • Promotional posts that convert (without feeling spammy)

And Peg spilled the beans!

I'll give you a summary of the chat below, then an Infographic to save, share and PIN!

Sound good? Let's go!

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How Do You ACTUALLY Become a Social Media Superstar?? (Answers HERE)

Peg Fitzpatrick Twitter

Q1: How can we all master the art of social media and become a superstar?

A1. It takes a long time to master social media and it changes all the time. @PegFitzpatrick

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Q2. How can we be entertaining and informative on social media?

A2. I think you should let your natural humor shine through. Be your funny self and at least one person will laugh. @PegFitzpatrick

#ViralChat Aaron of Post Planner

Q3. What is the best type of content to share on social media?

A3. I love sharing graphics and photos on social media. I'm working on getting better at video. @PegFitzpatrick

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Q4: What is your best tip to be time efficient with social media if we have a busy schedule?

A4. To be time efficient, do your content curation in chunks. This gives you more time to converse and have fun. @PegFitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick loves Post Planner!

Q5. How do you sell via social media without coming across overly promotional?

A5. You have to mix in your product/services into all your other valuable content. Help first, selling happens after. @PegFitzpatrick

As a blogger I don't sell, I try to borrow time for people to read my stuff! @AgentPalmer

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Q6. What is the most common mistake you see people make with social media?

A6. I see people provide NO value only tweeting small one or two word tweets to people. No value and not a conversation. @PegFitzpatrick


No value= Automation, spam selling, asking b4 building relationships @Susanmvh

Peg Fitzpatrick on social media

Q7. How has social media impacted your personal brand?

A7. Well....being online created having a personal brand for me. Before social media only celebs were "brands." @PegFitzpatrick

Yes... Without #socialmedia I don't have a personal brand! @AgentPalmer


Q8. How do you get the most out of social media? Which platforms benefit you the most?

A8. I love love love Pinterest and it's been amazing for my blog and inspiration. Twitter was my 1st social media love. @PegFitzpatrick

Twitter and Instagram have opened new connections for me @kathrynanywhere

Peg's Points to Ponder -- From #ViralChat 2

If you've not yet picked up a copy of her book, "The Art of Social Media," check it out. (Guy's name is on the cover too, but we all know who REALLY wrote the book.:)

Here are some bare bones picks from this edition of #ViralChat. Join us on Thursdays at 9 pm Eastern -- each week where we invite a pro mentor to share ideas and help us learn more about social media and marketing.

  • Social media mastery is a long-haul endeavor -- keep at it
  • Be natural, be you, have fun -- hunk up the chores to get more done without losing your joy
  • Graphics and photos are great shares -- video is on the rise
  • Seek to be helpful first... sales will follow -- always provide value
  • Mix it up and find your niche -- you can be a Superstar on social, yes you can

Remember: Come learn from (and chat with) this week's #ViralChat guest -- Guy Kawasaki -- Thursday @ 9pm ET on Twitter!

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Grab the Infographic



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Post to all social media platforms from one tool
Post to all social media platforms from one tool
Post to all social media platforms from one tool

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