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4 Instagram Business Tips You Can Learn From @hotdudesreading

Posted 24 February, 2015

4_Instagram_Business_Tips_You_Can_Learn_From-lsinstagram business tipsAre you using Instagram to connect with leaders in your industry?

I am... and it works great for that!

But Instagram is also a good place to just have some fun!

There are so many unique & funny Instagram accounts.

And an account that's getting a lot of attention right now is @hotdudesreading.

It's really making a splash!

I don't know who's behind the account, but they're apparently infatuated with all the hunks riding the New York City subway. So they started posting pics on Instagram!

They even encourage their followers to submit hunky photos from their morning or afternoon commute.

The @hotdudesreading Instagram account has been featured on:

But it's not just eye candy.

Let's look at a few things @hotdudesreading can teach us about managing our own Instagram accounts.

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4 Instagram Business Tips You Can Learn From @hotdudesreading

Here's what a typical post on @hotdudesreading looks like:


And the account definitely hasn't had trouble getting Instagram followers with photos like these!

They have over 350k followers after only 27 posts!

Why have they been so successful?

1. People Love Niche Accounts

Too many Instagram users lack focus -- jumping from food pics to photos of cars to inspiring quotes with no apparent purpose.

That's fine for your personal account. But if you want to build a strong following on Instagram as a business, you need to define your mission & stick with it.

And @hotdudesreading has done just that:



See the common themes in these 2 pics?

  • Sexy men
  • Subway
  • Men looking down reading
  • Fashionable clothing

If you stick to certain styles of photos, your followers will come to expect that & return to see what you post on Instagram.

Fitness experts excel at this!

2. People Love Witty Captions

Photos on @hotdudesreading have witty descriptions that draw you in even more!



The captions are humorous & sultry.

Make sure your Instagram descriptions make your followers want to read more.

3. People Hate Hashtag Abuse

@hotdudesreading never stuffs posts with lots of Instagram hashtags.

Most photos have only 2 hashtags:

  • #hotdudesreading
  • Funny hashtag to match pic


4. People Hate Too Many Posts

People unfollow Instagram accounts that post too often.

And @hotdudesreading seems to understand this.

Those managing the account post 2 photos a day -- one in the morning & one at night.

The key is making your followers want more, and you can't do that if you post too often.


So who's behind @hotdudesreading?

Is it a clothing company simply snapping pics of models on the subway?

Apparently not.

The creators of the Instagram account supposedly told The Huffington Post they're a group of New Yorkers -- both men & women -- in their 20s and 30s.

We appreciate men with good looks and good books.

Reading is fundamentally hot, and who doesn't like to fantasize a little bit about the sexy stranger we spot sitting across from us?

In any case, it's a fun account to follow on Instagram -- and one you can learn a lot from.



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