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64 Easy-to-Remember Marketing Strategy Examples for Facebook

Posted 30 January, 2015

64_Easy-to-Remember_Marketing_Strategy_Examples_for_Facebook-lsfacebook marketing strategy examplesThere's plenty of advice on the web for businesses looking to get better results from Facebook marketing.

And most experts agree on at least one thing -- STRATEGY is KEY!

If you hope to succeed these days, you must have a plan.

Otherwise, people won't Like your Facebook page or see your posts in the news feed.

But there are almost as many Facebook marketing strategies as there are experts telling you what to do.

That's why the crew at SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com created this infographic with 64 bite-sized strategy tips for Facebook.

The graphic is pretty dense -- so I listed the key takeaways before posting the image at the end of this article.

Pin the graphic when you finish so you can view it later.

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64 Easy-to-Remember Marketing Strategy Examples for Facebook


  • marketing-strategy-examplesAttract targeted fans only
  • Friends of fans will expand reach
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  • Engage with fans -- WOW them!
  • Speak your fans' language
  • Ask fans to share your post
  • Boosting posts on Facebook gets the best reach
  • Mine Insights for fan data


  • Insights tell you what works
  • Which post has best reach?
  • Repeat/adapt posts
  • Photos = engagement
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  • Make it easy to engage
  • Ask fill-in-the-blank questions & other questions on your page
  • Mix fun & informative posts
  • Post when fans are active


  • marketing-strategy-examplesCover photos are 851 x 315 pixels
  • Profile pictures are 180 x 180 pixels
  • Add calls-to-action to cover (but don't overdo it)
  • Announce promotions here
  • Pinned posts = visibility
  • Changes appear in news feed
  • Use engaging apps
  • Capture contact info with app
  • You have 3 seconds to tell people essentials


  • You MUST run ads (including Facebook page Like ads) to reach more fans
  • Identify ad goal: traffic, lead, sale?
  • Boosting posts is the easiest way to start
  • Target warm leads
  • Target geographically if you're a local business
  • Analyze ad reports to find best ROI
  • Adapt ads based on report analysis
  • Be persistent -- go from fan to lead to sale


  • sunshinemarketing-strategy-examplesRank top posts by reach/Likes/comments/shares
  • Note time of post with greatest reach
  • Identify where Facebook page Likes come from
  • People engaged are the most valuable fans
  • Discover where your engaged fans are located
  • Schedule posts directed at your most engaged fans
  • Identify top pages/tabs viewed
  • Put lead generation apps on most viewed tabs


  • Reward fans who tag your business
  • Link to an article or video
  • Include calls-to-action
  • Fan contest for sharing
  • Post compelling photos
  • Add a Like box to your website
  • Keep text short & to the point
  • Add Like button to your website


  • marketing-strategy-examplesGet a large, focused fan base
  • Display a call-to-action on your cover photo
  • Offer freebies as lead generation
  • Capture email address in exchange for freebies
  • Integrate email marketing
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  • Use targeted ads wisely
  • Review Insights monthly
  • Lead-to-sale takes times


  • Award a prize to fans who share
  • Integrate Facebook contests with your website
  • Host a joint contest with colleagues
  • Crowdsource new product ideas
  • Ask fans to vote for their favorite
  • Photo contests generate most activity
  • Make it easy to enter a contest
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  • Give away gift cards for your product
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