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These 12 Viral Memes From Facebook Will Surely Make You Giggle

Posted 18 April, 2014

These_12_Viral_Memes_From_Facebook_Will_Surely_Make_You_Giggle-lsmost viral memes on facebookI love me some memes!

Can't get enough of them.

And yes, till last year I pronounced the word "me-me".

What can I say? I'm almost 40 & no longer cool.

Anyway, I'm sure you've LOL'd at a few memes yourself over the years.

So for a laugh I spent the afternoon finding 12 top Facebook pages dedicated to posting memes.

Then I used Post Planner's new Viral Photos feature to show me the most viral meme ever posted on each of these pages.

The results are below.

So prepare for some LOLs... maybe even a ROFL or two. :D

12 of the Most Viral Memes Ever Posted on Facebook

Chuck Norris Meme

There are 2 REALLY popular pages dedicated to Chuck Norris memes. From one of them I pulled this viral image.

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Zach Galifianakis Meme

"The Hangover" star provides great fodder for memes -- and this one certainly didn't come up short.

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Will Ferrell Meme

Is there a funnier person in Hollywood than Will Ferrell? He was made for memes.

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Bruce Lee Meme

Not to be outdone by Chuck Norris.

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Adam Sandler Meme

Adam Sandler always makes a great meme.

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Family Guy Meme

I've seen lots of memes from "Family Guy", here's one of the best.

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Jim Carrey Meme

Like Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey has a face for memes.

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NFL Meme

This meme stings if you're a Peyton Manning or Denver Broncos fan.

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NBA Meme

Kobe Bryant sets the record straight in this popular NBA meme.

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MLB Meme

This Major League Baseball meme took a jab at the haters.

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Star Wars Meme

I'm not a "Star Wars" fan, but this meme is hilarious.

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Know Your Meme

This popular meme was funny -- and oh so true.

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Go Viral

Do you have a favorite meme or favorite Facebook page that posts funny memes?

Please share your picks in the comments below.

And watch this video to learn how to find more viral images that'll drive your fans nuts:

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