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How to Get LOTS of Likes on Facebook Without Ads [Podcast]

How to Get LOTS of Likes on Facebook Without Ads [Podcast]

How_to_Get_LOTS_of_Likes_on_Facebook_Without_Ads_Podcast-lsget lots of likes on facebookWant to get lots of Likes on Facebook without buying ads?

Blogger Scott Ayres dropped by the Post Planner podcast to talk about it.

He explains that Post Planner's Facebook page recently got about 8,000 new Likes in fewer than 30 days -- with no Page Like ads!

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The growth to me was pretty surprising. These numbers are not fake, they're straight out of Facebook Insights & straight off Facebook.

The page received 541 Likes on August 27 -- and just one of those Likes came from an ad.

How did hundreds of new fans find Post Planner's page? Click "Play" to find out!

How to Get LOTS of Likes on Facebook Without Ads [Podcast]

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Listen to Scott explain how he uses analytics data from Facebook Insights to create powerful posting strategies for Post Planner.

But what's the real secret to getting this much engagement on a page?

Post lots of amazing content!

Packed with tips you can use today, in this episode you'll learn about:

  • how a Facebook page got thousands of new Likes with hardly any ads
  • where the new Likes came from: posts, people visiting the page, page suggestions & other activity
  • posts that were seen & shared by tens of thousands of Facebook users
  • a Facebook page receiving 500 Likes per day
  • why you need a posting strategy with photos, text updates & links
  • why you should post lots of content each day
  • how you can perhaps replicate this process on your page
  • how to use Insights to create strong Facebook strategies
  • a Post Planner photo that was shared almost 500k times
  • how to get more people to engage with your posts
  • how Facebook rewards pages that have lots of engagement & links
  • a social media expert who publishes lots of posts on her page
  • how to post a wide variety of content
  • how to revive a neglected Facebook business page
  • why you should post as often as your fans will engage
  • how to build a Facebook page from scratch

Here are some of the Facebook posts Scott discusses in this episode:





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For fun: Gatesville Weather Report

Check out this episode!

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