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4 Big-Hearted Ways to Use Facebook for Nonprofits & NGOs

Posted 31 January, 2015

4_Big-Hearted_Ways_to_Use_Facebook_for_Nonprofits_and_NGOs-lsuse facebook for nonprofits and ngo'sFacebook makes it easy to do cool stuff!

Things like:

  • connecting with friends
  • sharing entertaining content
  • keeping up with the latest news

It also makes it easy to support & promote your favorite cause!

Charities & nonprofits do great on Facebook. It's a perfect place to get supporters & donations because FB makes it easy to present powerful messages with pictures & words.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the best examples of a nonprofit leveraging Facebook in a big way. We all saw videos of our neighbors, friends & favorite celebrities drenching themselves in the name of charity -- all to raise money to fight Lou Gehrig's Disease!

The user-generated content from this campaign was fantastic -- keeping the Ice Bucket Challenge on the minds of millions for months!

And your favorite charity can do something just as cool. But it'll take lots of creativity & a little luck to get your campaign to go viral.

In this article, I suggest 4 ways to use Facebook for nonprofits -- and harness all that online goodwill.

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4 Big-Hearted Ways to Use Facebook for Nonprofits & NGOs

facebook-pages-for-nonprofits-charities-ngos-sqfacebook-for-nonprofitsAlmost half of the adults polled by SurveyMonkey said they mostly learn about new charitable campaigns on social media.

Many of those surveyed said they've also donated to charitable causes through social media.

But before your nonprofit can succeed on Facebook, first you have to get noticed!

1. Humanize Your Posts

Every post on your page should tell a story!

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Who's impacted by your work?
  • Why should I send a donation?

Show, don't tell!

Humanize your content by telling stories about volunteers, employees & those you serve.

Your group doesn't have to be large or high profile to benefit from these kinds of posts.

Every Facebook marketer should be telling stories on their page!

Those who connect with your posts on a deeply personal level will be more likely to donate to your cause.

2. Engage with Fans

facebook-for-nonprofitsSocial media is about being social.

Don't just broadcast your message!

Make sure to reply to people who post comments & questions. Start conversations by sharing milestones & inviting fans to participate in decision-making.

You need to build relationships with fans all the time -- not just when you're promoting a new campaign.

Otherwise, nobody will talk to you.

Don’t just solicit donations... be a resource for your audience & offer them something of value.

Be the go-to source for your niche!

3. Offer Promotions

Provide incentives for people to volunteer or donate to your organization.

A free T-shirt or mug means a lot when building relationships with those who support your cause.

Use Facebook to promote the incentives.

4. Think Visually

facebook-for-nonprofitsFans will connect with your organization on a deeper level if you post powerful images & video on your Facebook page.

Always think visually when coming up with ideas for posts.

People are more likely to interact with photos & videos than text updates.

And interaction is key to people seeing your Facebook posts!

Post behind-the-scenes shots to get your fans involved in your campaigns. Create infographics that present amazing facts & stats about your cause.

It's very important to consider what your post will look like when it's published on your page.


If campaigns like the Ice Bucket Challenge have shown us anything, it's that people love connecting with their favorite nonprofits on Facebook.

If you work for a nonprofit, use the tips I explained in this article to drum up support for your cause.

Remember, relationships are the key.

Interact with fans as much as possible -- not just when you need money.



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