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These 20 Facebook Pages from Mom Bloggers Are Full of Surprises

Posted 22 February, 2014


Facebook is a huge opportunity for bloggers.

But taking full advantage of it isn't easy.

If you're a blogger, you probably have questions like:

  1. Should I use a Facebook page or profile to promote my blog?
  2. What kind of cover image should I use?
  3. Should I schedule Facebook posts?
  4. How do I use tab apps to promote my blog?
  5. How can I find/create content my fans will like?
  6. How can I know the best post types for engagement?
  7. How much content should I post from other blogs?
  8. How should I respond to fan comments?

These are all great questions!

And getting answers to them will definitely help your efforts on Facebook.

So let's see if we can find the answers by looking at 20 successful mom blogger Facebook pages.

20 Mom Blogger Facebook Pages to Learn Lessons From

I've worked with mom bloggers for years -- mostly as a PR guy trying to get them to review products & services for clients.

And anyone who's pitched a mom blogger knows it ain't easy!


They protect their clout as deliberately as they bundle up their kids on a snowy day -- as they should!

They also tend to be early adopters of tech. So it's no surprise that they're killing it on Facebook

Many have hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans -- fans who can't get enough of the chaotic, sometimes gross, often touching moments of parenting that mom bloggers share.

This results in the kind of tight relationships with fans that most social media managers would give their first born for.

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In this post, I'll show you examples from each of their Facebook pages (cover images, profile photos, posts, apps, About sections, etc.) -- and you'll see how influential do-it-yourselfers in the blogosphere catapult themselves to internet fame.

And hopefully you'll Like & visit each of the fan pages to get a closer look.

20 Pages for Mom Bloggers on Facebook

The Bloggess


Stuff Done Right

  • Compelling cover photo & profile image -- very unique to her page & can be seen on her blog & other places around the web >> Click to Tweet
  • Strong engagement on posts (when she posts)
  • Cover photo & profile image fit well together
  • About section has links to material published elsewhere: Houston Chronicle & The Stir

Ways to Improve

  • Could boost engagement by posting more personal posts -- similar to content published on the blog
  • Though brief & witty, About section could provide more info about the blog
  • No need for "http:" on links in the About section -- "www" looks less clunky
  • Post more often -- maybe 2 or 3 times a day unless engagement falls
  • Use apps

This post was shared 167 times & got more than 1,100 Likes:


Insane in the Mom-Brain

insane-in-the-mom-brain1Stuff Done Right

  • Cute, playful cover photo -- if this is what goes on inside her brain, we love it!
  • Profile photo provides insight into the writer's personality -- allowing fans to connect through the picture >> Click to Tweet
  • Strong engagement from fans with lots of response from the page
  • Diverse mix of content -- not just blog posts
  • Tons of very personal posts -- great content

Ways to Improve

  • No description or links on cover image or profile photo -- missed opportunity for traffic!
  • "My Blog" app needs to be set up
  • "I'm in a Book" app is cool, but I didn't see a way to make a purchase
  • Hide the Like count

Here she is cozying up to fans talking about the "Hump Day Hottie":


Rage Against the Minivan

rage-against-the-minivan1Stuff Done Right

  • Built a strong fan page with her name instead of the name of her blog
  • Awesome family photo shows she's a mom in a diverse family -- something her readers relate to & admire >> Click to Tweet
  • About section contains great detail about the page & what her blog is about
  • The Blog app is formatted well via NetworkedBlogs -- good review of her posts that can be read with a click
  • Lots of variety -- text updates, photos & links
  • Content has a strong mix of personal & professional themes

Ways to Improve

  • Remove giveaway tab -- it expired months ago
  • Notes could also be removed -- a new note hasn't been added in years
  • Hide fan count

Here's a post that didn't get much play:


mommy-bloggers-on-facebookStuff Done Right

  • Professional cover photo shows several enjoyable aspects of parenting, provides an idea of what the page is about
  • Logo is sized properly for the profile image >> Click to Tweet
  • About section is perfect -- filled out correctly (short & to the point)
  • Great job using quality images on the link posts to the blog -- very compelling headlines & text updates with the link posts as well

Ways to Improve

  • Add custom apps on the page to do giveaways or gather emails or blog subscribers
  • Update events app regularly or remove it from page
  • Use a variety of posts (photos, text, links) to boost engagement -- questions & fill-in-the-blank posts, for example
  • Consider posting fewer updates until fan engagement increases

This recent post originated from the blog:


Post by Babble.com.

Postpartum Progress

postpartum-progress1Stuff Done Right

  • Moving, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel cover photo works well for a blog focused on postpartum issues >> Click to Tweet
  • Profile image also appears on the blog -- consistent branding
  • Lots of strong keywords in About section for those searching for information about postpartum depression
  • Great mix of content: text, photo & link posts

Ways to Improve

  • About section could be shortened -- add a link to the blog near the top
  • Update & remove old apps -- add new apps to the page
  • Boost fan engagement by posting different types of updates -- fill-in-the-blanks & famous quotes
  • Shorten some text updates & use more diverse content

This link posted from another publication has an image that fit the themes of Postpartum Progress:

Simply Being Mommy


Stuff Done Right

  • Profile photo provides solid branding
  • About section has great info -- we immediately know the purpose of the page >> Click to Tweet
  • Lots of variety -- photos, links & text updates

Ways to Improve

  • Post more often & more consistently to keep fans engaged
  • Responding to fans when they interact with the page might stimulate more fan engagement
  • More descriptive cover photo could provide stronger branding
  • Use apps

This text post promoted a giveaway:


Red Tricycle

mom-bloggers-on-facebookStuff Done Right

  • Cover photo provides strong, effective branding by combining professional image with a clean, recognizable logo
  • Perfect branding with the profile pic -- wouldn't change a thing >> Click to Tweet
  • Brief, descriptive About section has a link to the website

Ways to Improve

  • Add descriptions & links in the captions for cover image & profile pic
  • Website link in About section would look better without "http"
  • Generate more engagement by interacting with fans
  • Remove apps that are not active
  • Use apps for contests & giveaways

This post got a few Likes & shares:


The Pioneer Woman


Stuff Done Right

  • Strong cover photo tells us a lot without saying anything
  • Portrait often works well as a profile pic for mom bloggers
  • About section might have too much info!
  • Good use of social media apps & events schedule -- makes it easy to connect in other places
  • Great mix of photos, links & text updates with peeks into different areas of her life >> Click to Tweet

Ways to Improve

  • Update profile photo more often -- it's only changed a handful of times in the past few years
  • Use an interesting caption to provide a description & link when cover image is clicked
  • Hide the Like count near the top of the page
  • Link Food Network app to a website

This post gave fans a glimpse into life at home life:


5 Minutes for Mom

5-minutes-for-mom1Stuff Done Right

  • Cover photo perfectly portrays the page & blog >> Click to Tweet
  • Good variety of post types
  • Brief About section has an email & link to the blog
  • About section shows how to connect with bloggers on Facebook

Ways to Improve

  • Update Events app
  • Using logo as the profile image may provide stronger branding
  • Remove apps that are not being used
  • Increase fan engagement on the page by livening up the content, boosting some posts & interacting with fans

This question spurred lots of replies:


The Divine Miss Mommy


Stuff Done Right

  • Strong About section describes the purpose of the page
  • Colors & logo help with branding
  • Blog app is well formatted -- good way to drive web traffic >> Click to Tweet

Ways to Improve

  • Fix cover photo -- image appears distorted
  • Add descriptions & links to the cover image & profile pic
  • Brief About section that appears on Timeline needs a URL to drive traffic to the blog
  • Remove Notes app -- hasn't been updated in years!
  • Use apps for contests & giveaways
  • Boost engagement using a wider variety of posts: questions, fill-in-the-blanks, inspirational quotes
  • Use fewer promotional posts

This review got some Likes:


Loving My Nest

mom-bloggers-on-facebookStuff Done Right

  • Awesome About section with a link to the blog & a description of what page is about >> Click to Tweet
  • Cover photo really does the trick
  • Uses Facebook page to form strong relationships with fans
  • Nice use of creative, non-promotional status updates

Ways to Improve

  • Increase fan interaction by posting more consistently
  • Use apps
  • Don't go long stretches of time without posting -- it hurts fan engagement
  • Pay to boost posts to get content in front of more fans
  • Use Facebook's link-share update to share blog posts -- this will drive web traffic

This fan asked for a recipe:


Downs Side Up

downs-side-up1Stuff Done Right

  • Strong use of an emotional cover photo to draw fans into the page -- I want to read more about these kids
  • Great job including a link in the cover photo caption >> Click to Tweet
  • About section filled out properly -- contains URL
  • Interesting to see the awards & recognition
  • Events app is up to date
  • Entertaining mix of content -- interesting news links kept me scrolling through the page >> Click to Tweet
  • Page manager engages often with fans

Ways to Improve

  • Move Events app to one of the visible app positions on the Timeline
  • Consider using more effective apps than Notes
  • Hide the Like count -- exchange it with a contest or a way to promote blog posts or collect emails from fans
  • Include a description & website link in the caption of the profile image

This post went big:


Scary Mommy


Stuff Done Right

  • Awesome branding in the profile image -- design will pop in the news feed >> Click to Tweet
  • Hilarious photo many parents will relate to -- includes a website URL
  • Strong About section -- effective description with a couple links
  • Invite Friends app provides a way for fans to invite their friends to Like the page
  • Off-the-cuff remarks about parenting are often popular with fans
  • People Talking About This number is strong for a page with more than 130,000 fans

Ways to Improve

  • Use apps to run contests & collect email addresses
  • Use more engaging thumbnails for the apps that are visible on the page
  • Profile image & cover photo need descriptions & URLs

This funny post saw some action from fans:


Mary Tyler Mom


Stuff Done Right

  • Brief About section gets the point across
  • Posts portray her snarky personality >> Click to Tweet
  • Consistent parenting posts go over well with fans

Ways to Improve

  • Use a profile image with stronger branding
  • Use more apps on the page
  • Update Events app more often or remove it from page
  • Post more blog links to drive traffic to the website

This post was doing well after only 3 hours:

Resourceful Mommy

mom-bloggers-on-facebook Stuff Done Right

  • Excellent cover photo -- strong branding without overdoing it
  • Great profile image -- fans know where posts are coming from when they see this logo in the news feed >> Click to Tweet
  • About section has a link to the website
  • Blog app works great

Ways to Improve

  • Add more information to the About section -- include more contact information & information about the philosophy & mission of the blog
  • Remove Notes app, it hasn't been used in years
  • Post a more interesting mix of content to boost low engagement -- use text updates & photos
  • Use apps for promotions, giveaways & to help promote special causes

Here is one of the best performing posts of the past few months:


Design for Minikind

design-for-minikind1Stuff Done Right

  • Amazing cover image tells me this blog might not be what I expect >> Click to Tweet
  • Unusual, creative colors & logo -- a style that stands out among mom bloggers >> Click to Tweet
  • About section is filled out perfectly -- it tells me about the blog & the person behind it

Ways to Improve

  • Giveaway app is inactive -- never leave a dead app on your page
  • Use stronger calls-to-action to generate more engagement from fans
  • Not much response to blog posts on the Facebook page -- asking questions, posting quotes or using fill-in-the-blank posts may generate more response
  • Boost some posts & run Facebook ads to spark interaction
  • Respond more often to fans, even start conversations on Facebook to get people interacting with page

This post seems pretty typical for the page:


mybrownbaby1Stuff Done Right

  • Cute, colorful photo helps portray tone & spirit of the blog >> Click to Tweet
  • Effective, simple branding on the profile photo
  • Excellent About section: contact info, description, awards & website link -- it's all there
  • Instagram feed displays strong images

Ways to Improve

  • Giveaway has expired -- update it or remove app from page
  • Facebook posts consist mostly of articles from her blog -- try posting stronger calls-to-action
  • Boost fan engagement by posting a more diverse mix of photos, links & text updates

The entertaining image might have helped this post get Likes:


Snarky Mommy

snarky-mommy1Stuff Done Right

  • Excellent cover photo -- professional & clean
  • Logos on the cover photo & profile image help with branding
  • About section makes it clear this page is about being a mom
  • Strong mix of text, photo & link posts
  • Not pushing her articles every post makes page feel authentic & not too promotional >> Click to Tweet

Ways to Improve

  • Place a website URL high in the About section
  • Include captions with the profile & cover images that have links & descriptions of the blog
  • Update Events schedule or remove that app
  • Using apps to host contests, provide reviews or collect emails from fans could boost engagement on the page

Just quote the kid sometimes:


Peanut Butter Hair

peanut-butter-hairStuff Done Right

  • Cover photo branded well alongside tight shot of kid with peanut butter in his hair (I assume that's peanut butter)

Ways to Improve

  • Use apps
  • Add a better description to the About section -- include contact info & links to other social media accounts
  • Post a diverse mix of content -- questions, fill-in-the-blanks, quotes, and trivia could boost engagement on the page >> Click to Tweet

Posts like this feature strong images:


Obviously MARvelous


Stuff Done Right

  • Simple & clean cover photo has interesting colors & presentation -- delivers powerful message right up top
  • Logo is easy to recognize in the news feed -- here it makes a great profile photo >> Click to Tweet
  • Caught my attention with "news, tattoos and reviews!"
  • Lets me know she is PR friendly -- just in case I want my product reviewed
  • Email, website link, Vegas... nice!

Ways to Improve

  • Use apps to host giveaways & link to other social media platforms
  • Posts need calls-to-action -- visitors need a reason to click a link
  • Updates are mostly articles from the blog -- post more photos & text updates to boost engagement on the page
  • Questions & fill-in-the-blank posts could help boost engagement

Lifestyle shot posted recently on the page:


Key Takeaways

Whew! Long list.

As page managers, we can learn a lot from these mom bloggers about what works & doesn't work on Facebook.

I hope you've learned some new tips for your fan page.

Here's my best summary:

1. Cover/Profile photo

  • Use a high-quality, descriptive cover photo that delivers a message about you
  • Use a logo for your profile image -- when sized properly they look awesome in the news feed
  • Provide a description & website link in the cover photo caption


2. About section

  • Use description, history & other general information to portray your personality & sense of humor
  • Explain the mission & philosophy of the blog
  • Provide contact information including a website, email & links to other social media accounts
  • Make sure the website URL is in the short About section that appears on the Timeline

3. Tab apps

  • Use tab apps to link to blogs & social media accounts, host contests, conduct giveaways, collect emails
  • Make the app thumbnails near the top of the page useful, entertaining & appealing to the eye
  • Hide the Like count tab app -- use the highly visible real estate for an app that serves a better purpose


4. Posts

  • Use a mix of post types: links, photos, text updates
  • Boost fan engagement by posting questions, fill-in-the-blanks, quotes & trivia
  • Try to post at least 3 posts a day
  • Avoid appearing too self-promotional -- don't post your articles in every update
  • Pay to boost some posts & use Facebook advertising to promote your page

5. Engagement

  • Interact with fans who comment, Like & share your Facebook posts
  • Post updates that start conversations with your fans -- and then participate in those discussions
  • Use Facebook to get to know your loyal readers -- and groom them as blog ambassadors


Your Turn

Did your favorite mom blogger made the list.

If not, please provide a link to her (or his) website in the comments below. Also, provide me some feedback about how you think the mom bloggers in this post are doing with their Facebook marketing.

Are their fan pages engaging?

Did you comment on or Like any updates?

Would you return to the page to see more posts?

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