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11 Powerful Instagram Tools to Get More Followers & Grow Your Account

Posted 03 June, 2022

Which Instagram tools help you get more followers?

This article shows you the best Instagram growth tools to boost your IG Likes and followers.

Question: how much effort does it take to grow an Instagram account?

Answer: A LOT!!!

Manually doing all of the best practices to grow your Instagram is extremely time-consuming.

Which is why it's CRUCIAL to invest in the right Instagram tools & software to help you speed things up.

This article will give you proven Instagram growth tools that will help skyrocket your Instagram followers.

Let’s get started!

We'll cover:


11 powerful Instagram tools to get you MORE followers

Which tools increase followers on Instagram?

We hear this question all the time.

People realize that getting more Instagram followers is crucial... BUT they don’t know about any tools that make it easy.

Post Planner is the best Instagram booster because it’s full of great tools to help you:

  • Schedule posts
  • Find great content
  • Engage your followers
  • Create visual content

With Post Planner’s 11 powerful Instagram tools, you’ll quickly be able to increase your follower count on Instagram (and your other social media channels!).

Today we'll focus on how you can use Post Planner’s Instagram tools for growth and increased engagement.

How can I get real Instagram followers?

You’ve probably found people online who claim they can get you thousands of followers on Instagram in just a couple of days.

However, those "get-followers-fast" methods often lead to fake followers and a lousy Instagram page.

Your primary concern on Instagram shouldn't be how QUICKLY you can get many followers.

Instead, you should be concerned with how CONSISTENTLY you can gain real, engaged followers.

For example, you could buy 5000 Instagram fake followers tomorrow, but it wouldn’t benefit your business.

Purchased followers aren’t engaged, so there’s no benefit to buying them.

However, using Instagram management tools to improve your online presence will slowly but surely increase your follower count.

Let’s focus on 3 tactics to get more followers on Instagram.

Improve your content

The first thing you should worry about to get more followers is the quality of your content.

Your followers don’t follow you because they want to help you out (I wish!).

They follow you because they find your content:

  • Interesting
  • Helpful
  • Entertaining

In other words, if your posts aren’t interesting, helpful, or entertaining, people won’t follow you.

On the other hand, if your content is useful or valuable, your followers will start to multiply.

What does that mean for your Instagram strategy?

It means that your number of followers will often be a direct consequence of the quality of your content.

Improve your content = Get more followers.

Post more frequently

After improving your content, your second priority should be posting more frequently AND more consistently.

You need both frequency and consistency for this strategy to work.

For example, you can’t post 12 times on Monday, then nothing for the rest of the week.

If you do, people will hate you on Monday, then forget about you Tuesday through Sunday.

Instead, you should be consistently posting once or twice EVERY day.

This strategy works because it doesn’t allow your followers to forget about you.

If they only hear from you once a week, they won’t be thinking about your content very frequently, so they won’t engage with it.

On the other hand, if they see your content every day, they’re more likely to engage and share it with their friends.

Engage more with your audience

Finally, you should prioritize engaging with your audience.

When someone comments on your post and asks a question, try to take some time out of your day to respond and answer their question.

If someone drops you a compliment, take the time to thank them.

Followers love getting to feel like they’re making a personal connection with the accounts they follow.

If they feel like they’ve made a personal connection with you, they'll engage with your posts and share them with friends.

What is the best app for Instagram followers?


This section will address the functions you should look for in an Instagram tool if you want to experience as much growth as possible.

Each of these functions will address one of the primary growth strategies addressed in the previous section.

Main function #1: Discover content

Our number 1 strategy to get more Instagram followers was to improve your content.

So the 1st thing you should look for in tools to increase Instagram followers is the ability to DISCOVER (or create) amazing content.

An Instagram tool that doesn’t help you improve your content is worthless.


If you never IMPROVE your social media presence, you won’t see follower growth.

Ensure that your Instagram tools come with features to discover and create excellent content that'll attract new followers!

Main function #2: Helps you maintain a schedule

Our number 2 strategy was to post more frequently and consistently. There are 2 parts to this problem:

  • Finding enough content to post daily
  • Remembering to post daily

The best Instagram tool should address BOTH parts of this problem.

For example, a tool that helps you quickly find enough content but doesn’t help you remember to post it won’t help you.

On the other hand, a tool that just helps you schedule posts but doesn’t help you find content isn’t as helpful either.

You need to find a tool that addresses finding content and scheduling it if you truly want to post more frequently and consistently.

Main function #3: Saves you time

Our number 3 strategy was to engage more with your followers.

Most people don’t engage enough with their followers, but it isn’t because they don’t want to.

They just don’t have the time!

After finding content, posting it, and repeating that process for 5 social channels, most people just don’t have the time to engage in the comments.

A tool that saves you time finding and posting content will also help you engage more with your followers.

It’ll free up your schedule to spend a few minutes getting to know your followers every day.

If a tool doesn’t save you time, it isn’t going to help you grow as much as it could!

Post Planner’s 11 powerful Instagram tools to get you more followers

Post Planner is designed to help its users gain more followers on social media from day one.

Using Post Planner’s tools will help you achieve all 3 benefits that you’re looking for in Instagram tools for growth:

  1. Discover content
  2. Maintain a schedule
  3. Save time

Post Planner allows you to quickly discover content that your followers will love.

It then automatically posts that content on a preset schedule.

These tools will drastically improve your content quality and consistency, and the automation will save you tons of time.

(And that’s just scratching the surface!)

This section will discuss 11 of Post Planner’s tools that will help you get Instagram followers.

1. Post scheduling

The best way to increase your Instagram consistency is to create a schedule (and then stick to it!).

One of Post Planner’s essential tools is the ability to make an automatic posting schedule.

Just go to the Publishing tab, then go to Queue Plans.

Here, you can select the details of your posting schedule:

  • Days
  • Times
  • Types of content permitted (video, photo, text, or link)
  • Time zone

1-Apr-10-2022-08-09-35-91-PMAfter creating your plan and selecting content (which we’ll talk about in a minute), Post Planner will automatically post your content at the designated times.

Using an automatic posting schedule like this one accomplishes all of your primary goals and gives your follower count a boost.

2. Multiple queue plans

One often-overlooked way to increase your Instagram presence is to improve your other social media channels.

For example, you can push followers from Facebook to Instagram (and vice versa) to increase your followers on both platforms.

An easy way to accomplish this with Post Planner is to create multiple Queue Plans.

For example, you can create one plan for Instagram and another plan for Facebook.

Having multiple plans ensures that Post Planner can post to each account at the ideal time.

Just click “Add Custom Plan” on the left-side toolbar in the Queue Plans menu to create a custom plan.

2-Apr-10-2022-08-10-21-87-PMRepeat this process for as many social media channels as you want.

Leveraging each channel to push followers to Instagram is a quick way to boost your followers, and multiple Queue Plans will help you do that.

3. Pre-made content streams

What about getting content on your plans?

Post Planner comes with thousands of pre-made content streams organized by niche.

You can do a simple keyword search and find pre-made content streams about almost anything.

To prove it, I searched for “Knitting” and found several content streams and online feeds about knitting and crafting.


If you can’t find a pre-made content stream with the content you want, you can make your own by selecting the feeds you wish to add.

When you find content you want to add, just hover over it and click “Create Post.” 

Post Planner will prompt you to make a caption and add it to your Queue Plan.

4-Apr-10-2022-08-11-38-29-PMEvery post you create gets automatically added wherever it fits your plan, then automatically posted at the correct time.

Using these tools for content discovery can save you HOURS every month.

You can then use that time to engage with your followers more personally.

4. Content studio

You don’t want your entire Instagram feed just to be posts that you’ve found online.

You also want to mix in some of your own content.

If you’re like me, you’re not much of an artist.

And most of us can’t afford a professional graphic designer to create our Instagram posts.

Post Planner’s content studio makes it easy to create high-quality visual posts and quickly add them to your content plans.

5-Apr-10-2022-08-12-17-02-PMThe content studio is full of stock images, quotes, and design tools to help you make stand-out images quickly.

High-quality images are one of the fastest ways to attract new followers, so take advantage of the content studio often!

5. Content star ratings

Do you ever feel like you’re just guessing when it comes to what your followers will like and engage with?

Most people never honestly know if their posts will resonate with their audience, but Post Planner’s star ratings system fixes that.

Instead of showing you posts that MIGHT get likes and comments, Post Planner shows you PROVEN content that has worked with audiences like yours!


Each post in your content streams has a star rating out of 5.

Post Planner assigns each post a star rating based on how likely it is to succeed.

When you pick a post that has a 5-star rating, you can feel more confident that it'll perform well with your audience.

6. Conversation starters

Many people on Instagram wonder why their engagement numbers are low, but they never post anything that asks for audience feedback.

Conversation starters are a great way to get audience input and start a relationship with your followers.

7-Apr-10-2022-08-13-33-61-PMMix these into your content plan for some variety and some interesting conversations.

If you take advantage of the comments you receive on a conversation starter, you should be able to get to know your audience better.

The more successfully you can form relationships with your audience, the more you’ll see your followers start to grow!


Quotes are an underappreciated type of Instagram post.

Many people feel like quotes are not relevant, so they choose not to post them.

However, experience proves that this is a MISTAKE!

Quotes are some of the highest-liked posts on people’s Instagram accounts!

Finding good quotes can be difficult, but Post Planner makes it easy with its quotes tool.


You can filter quotes by theme or search Post Planner’s quote library by keyword or author.

Combine these quotes with the content studio to make a visually stunning quote that will capture your audience’s attention.

You’ll be surprised how much engagement you get! Then, that engagement will turn into new followers.

8. Popular content finder

Some content performs well no matter what niche you’re in.

On Post Planner, you can find the type of content in the “Popular” tab.

Popular content can be:

  • Funny
  • Beautiful
  • Silly
  • Random
  • Many other categories

9-Apr-10-2022-08-14-59-80-PMBrowsing in the popular content section can be a great place to find new stuff to break the monotony of your regular posts.

Random popular content should probably (most of the time) never form the backbone of your social media strategy — but it’s good to mix it in on occasion.

If you can vary the type of content you post, you'll attract more followers than you would with only one kind of content.

9. Post analytics

One of the most critical parts of any Instagram strategy is the ability to monitor your posts and measure their success.

One easy way to do this is in your Post Planner posting history.

Here, you can see all your previous posts and how many comments and likes they received.

After you’ve been posting for a few weeks or months, look at your history and ask yourself some critical questions:

  • What types of posts received the most likes?
  • What time of day are people most engaged with my content?
  • What kinds of posts receive the least likes?

After looking at your previous posts and their engagement numbers, you can make better decisions about which posts to make in the future.

Repeating this process every few weeks or months guarantees that you'll continue to bring in more followers instead of stagnating.

10. Editable queues

Sometimes your plans will change, and you’ll want to change your posting plans.

For example, let’s say you have the next 4 weeks of posting already planned, but there’s big news in your niche.

Let’s say you're a fitness trainer and a new supplement just hit the market.

You want to address this new development while it’s still fresh on people’s minds, so you make a post about it and post it immediately.

Post Planner allows you to quickly and easily rearrange your posting schedule to allow for disruptions like this.

10-Apr-10-2022-08-16-12-38-PMYour schedule should never be so rigid that you can’t disrupt it to address a time-sensitive trend.

Post Planner’s editable queue ensures that you can stay relevant all the time.

11. Content filtering

Finally, Post Planner allows you to filter content by:

  • Content type (photo, video, gif, article, etc.)
  • Stars
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Recent

Content filtering makes it easy to narrow down the amount of content you have to discover.

11-Apr-10-2022-08-16-46-80-PMNarrowing down your content options saves you even more time and allows you to fill your Queue Plans even more quickly.

With filtering, you can find a month’s worth of great content in a single afternoon.

This allows for maximum posting consistency, which will attract new followers!


Post Planner’s Instagram tools make your journey to get more followers on Instagram MUCH easier.

Trying to manually replicate the effects of an Instagram growth software like Post Planner is impossible.

There’s no other way to save as much time while also improving the content you’re sharing with your followers.

We highly recommend trying out our 7-day free trial to see how much you could benefit from our Instagram tools for growth.

What other strategies do you use to get more followers on Instagram?

Let us know in the comments below!

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