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4 Crazy EASY Ways to Discover Content from Facebook (and ROCK your Reach!)

Posted 22 September, 2015


For most small business owners, finding relevant content to post on Facebook is overwhelming -- and downright annoying!

Every day I talk to our users at Post Planner -- and the #1 struggle they have is finding content.

This is true regardless of the industry or niche of the business.

But I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be a struggle any longer!

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4 Crazy EASY Ways to Discover Content from Facebook (and ROCK your Reach!)

Discover-Content-From-FacebookWhether your page is brand new or has been around for years -- you need a steady stream of content to publish.


Because if your page is not posting highly engaging content, it will eventually die -- and once it's dead -- it's nearly impossible to revive it.

Trust me!

So what should you do to discover content from Facebook?

1. Ignore the News Feed!

While the News Feed is the main place where users see posts -- as a marketer -- the News Feed is the biggest distraction and hindrance to your productivity on Facebook.

How many times have you sat down at your desk with the task of "finding content" only to look up 3 hours later and realize you've just been scrolling over and over?


You've probably gotten distracted by cat memes, silly videos, and pictures of your 3rd cousin's baby!

I know I'm not alone here!

As a user -- the News Feed can be great to keep up with news and talk to friends.

But as a marketer -- it can quickly become the biggest waste of time.

You're likely not going to find great content for your target market on the News Feed.

Instead, you're just going to get distracted.

There are other ways of finding content from Facebook.

2. Turn on Notifications from Relevant Pages in Your Niche

So -- if we're ignoring the News Feed -- we need a way to keep up with Pages in the same industry as us. 

A simple way to do that is to turn notifications on for the Pages you want to follow closely. 

Just go to the page and hover over the Like button -- then select Get Notifications.


Now whenever this Page posts an update -- you'll get a notification on your desktop and mobile letting you know they've posted.

Simply click that notification and go read the post.

The only downside here is some pages post a lot -- and you might get annoyed by them pretty quick.

Also I've found that when a page is posting the same update (but to many different targets) I get a notification for each, which can be annoying.

What I love about this though is I can keep up with my competitors and others in my niche, without having to find their posts on the News Feed.

3. Use Interest Lists

One of the most powerful (yet unused) Facebook features is Interest Lists.

I've been a big fan of them since Facebook launched the feature over 2-3 years ago. 

The lists I created -- and ones I follow from others -- are my primary source for finding relevant content when I'm on Facebook.

It also keeps me from getting distracted by the pointless posts in the News Feed by my friends and family!

If you're a long time Twitter user -- you know all about lists and how they help you see what you really want to see on Twitter (which is very crowded).

Go here https://www.facebook.com/addlist and click "Create List"


Once you do this, you can then begin adding Pages and Friends to your list. 


My favorite one I created is called "Social Media Resources." It has over 10k followers!


Once you create an Interest List -- you can find it on the left sidebar on the Facebook home page.

Easily click on it to view what's been posted. 


4. Find Top Content with Post Planner

The best way I've found to stay on point when looking for relevant content from Facebook is by not being on Facebook at all!

Instead, I use the Top Content tool in Post Planner to help me DISCOVER content posted by other pages/blogs.

Now I only post the best content to my pages!

It's super simple to setup too.

Once you're in the app click on the Top Content icon (the link on the left sidebar). 


Now that we are on this screen -- you'll notice the icons I circled above.

The "Fire" icon allows you to search the web by keyword (to look for articles related to the search).

The Facebook icon lets you paste in any Facebook page you want (we'll come back to this in just a second).

The Twitter icon lets you put in any Twitter @username and pull links they have shared.

And the RSS feed icon lets you add in blogs to pull in articles that blog posts.

Continuing with our blog theme of finding content from Facebook quickly and easily -- let me show you in a video how you can use this tool to Discover proven content to post to your Facebook Pages.


As you can see -- this is super simple to do -- and VERY powerful!

In addition to creating folders to post content to my Facebook pages, I also use these folders as my own version of "Google Reader." 

In other words -- I've created a folder that has a ton of blog RSS feeds.

I simply go there every day to read articles and comment on them on the original sites.

Saves me a ton of time!

Start Posting Great Content to Facebook

Discover-Content-From-FacebookHopefully you can see that discovering relevant content in your niche is not that hard.

Sure, it takes some effort on your part when you first get started -- but once you setup a few of these -- your life will be SO much easier.

And that's what it's really about.

You shouldn't be sitting on Facebook 15 hours a day trying to find content and calling it "work." 

It's not!

You're just wasting time.

So start applying these tips today.

  1. Ignore the News Feed
  2. Turn on Notifications for Important Pages
  3. Use Interest Lists
  4. Discover Relevant (and Trending) Content in Post Planner

Happy Posting!!!

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