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13 Facebook Pages of Restaurants (in Canada) To Learn Lessons From

Facebook Fan Page Reviews

13_Facebook_Pages_of_Restaurants_in_Canada_To_Learn_Lessons_From-lsrestaurant facebook pagesRestaurants can do a lot on Facebook.

After all, who doesn’t like to follow the page of their favorite barbecue, coffee or sushi place?

I recently wrote about more than 50 restaurant Facebook pages from every state in the U.S. – analyzing 5 critical elements:

  • Cover photo
  • About section
  • Apps
  • Posts
  • Engagement

Some of the restaurants were doing well, while others had room for improvement.

That post was a hit! -- so I decided to go north & find 13 Facebook pages for restaurants in Canada – 1 from each province/territory.

The goal was to review a wide variety of pages -- burgers in Alberta, cupcakes in Saskatchewan, a Wayne Gretzky sports bar & a sushi joint in the Yukon territory that I just couldn’t resist.

If you run a Facebook page for a restaurant (or any other business) you probably have questions like:

  • What should I use as a cover image?
  • How do I use apps to promote my business & get more fans?
  • What are the best post types to get engagement from fans?
  • How can I find/create content my fans will interact with?
  • How often should I engage with fans on my page?

This article shows how some restaurants are addressing these challenges while presenting cover images & posts from 13 Facebook pages across Canada.

I explain what these page managers do well & ways they could improve.

So let's check out the 13 pages!

But stick around till the end where I summarize the key takeaways for getting more fans, converting them into customers & generating bigger ROI on Facebook.

13 Facebook Pages for Restaurants in Canada (ONE per Province)

Do you follow your favorite restaurants on Facebook?

As you scroll, I hope you add some of these fan pages to your list.

Make sure to Like each one & visit the pages to get a closer look.

Alberta: Black Betty Burger & Winebar


Stuff Done Right

  • Cover photo & profile image go well together
  • Profile photo is branded with a logo that is recognizable in the news feed
  • Strong About section with address, telephone number & hours of operation visible on Timeline
  • Compelling Instagram feed easily viewed from app thumbnail
  • Branded Twitter app looks good
  • Great job hiding Like count from Timeline -- if only all restaurants did this

Ways to Improve

  • Missing out on web traffic by not including descriptions & links with cover photos & profile images
  • Apps must be current -- Events schedule could probably be updated more often
  • Different calls-to-action could increase fan engagement -- ask more questions & use fill-in-the-blanks
  • Engage more with fans on the page -- perhaps thank those who leave reviews
  • Use reviews as opportunities to begin conversations with fans

Surprisingly, this question didn't go far with fans:


British Columbia: Bearfoot Bistro


Stuff Done Right

  • Cover photo with strong branding & effective call-to-action -- what could be better than oysters & skiing?
  • Quote from the owner in the longer About section is a nice touch -- “It’s all about celebration. Celebrate food, celebrate wine, celebrate life”
  • Based in Whistler, British Columbia -- posts occasionally showcase the local area

Ways to Improve

  • Posts with stronger calls-to-action are needed to get more Likes, comments & shares
  • Use apps to host contests, display menus & show restaurant's other social media feeds
  • Restaurant could engage more with those who post on the page

Here's an article with info about how to interact with your Facebook fans:

This Facebook post had the bistro partnering with the hotel where the restaurant is based:

Manitoba: Kawaii Crepe


Stuff Done Right

  • Integrating cover photo with profile image provides wicked branding
  • Lighthearted colors, logos & post make me WANT to like this company
  • Branded apps have information about jobs & catering
  • Page managers often interact with fans
  • Page is very visual with a strong mix of photos & text updates

Ways to Improve

  • Display contact information & location in short About section on Timeline
  • Hide Like count from the app thumbnails that are visible on Timeline
  • Update Events schedule or remove that app from page

This kind of sappy humor gets fans Liking:

New Brunswick: Jungle Jim's Miramichi


Stuff Done Right

  • About section on Timeline displays address, telephone number, hours & the type of food
  • Great branding on many of the posts -- logos, promotions, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Apps are updated with some tasty promotions -- Wild Wacky Wing Night Wednesdays & Steaktacular Thursdays!
  • Envelope of Fortune app has potential with its professionally produced video -- great example for other businesses!

Ways to Improve

  • Hide Like count from the top (visible) row of apps
  • Staying on topic is important -- but more non-promotional posts might increase fan engagement
  • At least engage with those who leave restaurant reviews on the page

This promotion has been used often in posts:

Newfoundland & Labrador: Chinched Bistro


Stuff Done Right

  • Twitter app looks great
  • Page managers interact with fans
  • Mix of different types of posts -- photos, links & text updates

Ways to Improve

  • Post fewer promotional updates
  • Ask questions or post fill-in-the-blanks to get fans to respond
  • Include a description of restaurant in About section
  • Post more consistently


Interesting update:

Nova Scotia: Split Crow Pub

restaurants-in-canadaStuff Done Right

  • Logo as the profile image looks amazing alongside posts in the news feed
  • Twitter feed looks good
  • Menu app is useful -- perhaps use stronger branding on Menu thumbnail
  • Good mix of photos, links & text updates

Ways to Improve

  • Update Events app more often & make that thumbnail visible on Timeline
  • There are several positive reviews, but interacting more will help build relationships with your fans

This image update was funny & topical:

Ontario: Wayne Gretzky's Toronto


Stuff Done Right

  • Consistent sports-related messaging shows the power of branding targeted at a specific audience -- even if you don’t have an NHL legend to promote
  • Logo makes an effective profile image, which is sized OK
  • Short About section on Timeline has all the basics: type of place, address, phone number & hours
  • Like count is hidden from app thumbnails visible near top of the page

Ways to Improve

  • Update Events app -- hasn't been updated since the Super Bowl
  • Engaging with fans could help build brand loyalty
  • Add custom adds to do giveaways, contests & increase sales with Facebook

Great way to promote restaurant during the Olympics:

Prince Edward Island: The Big Orange Lunchbox


Stuff Done Right

  • Events app updated
  • Trip Advisor app has recent positive reviews
  • Cover photo is unusual & compelling

Ways to Improve

  • Fewer promotional text updates -- boost engagement by posting photos & links with calls-to-action like questions & fill-in-the-blanks
  • Captions on cover photo & profile image should have descriptions & links to the website
  • Interact more with people who post comments & reviews on page

This text update got some shares:

Quebec: Ben & Florentine


Stuff Done Right

  • Branded app thumbnails are a few of the many things this page does right
  • Photo contests are a great way to get engagement
  • Like count hidden from Timeline
  • Logo as profile image provides strong branding

Ways to Improve

  • Include contact information in short About description that appears on Timeline
  • Interact more with fans
  • Test different posting strategies -- try posting at least once a day

Use Timeline to promote contests on your page:

Saskatchewan: The Cupcake Conspiracy


Stuff Done Right

  • Cupcake photos see steady engagement from fans
  • Awesome cover photo -- captures easy-going spirit of page
  • Though it could be sized differently -- logo makes a compelling profile image

Ways to Improve

  • Remove Notes app or at least hide it from the Timeline -- a note hasn't been added in months
  • Update Events app or remove it -- schedule hasn't been updated in years
  • Use more apps -- start by hosting contests & giveaways
  • Fewer promotional posts -- don't be afraid to stray off topic on a fun page like this
  • Use strong calls-to-action in posts to generate engagement from fans

No shortage of cupcake porn on this page:

Northwest Territories: Trek


Stuff Done Right

  • Great use of logo for the cover & profile images
  • About section is complete -- with contact information visible on Timeline
  • Trip Advisor & Events apps work OK

Ways to Improve

  • Use fewer promotional text updates
  • Post more photos & links
  • Pay to boost posts to get content in front of more fans
  • Hide Like count from Timeline
  • Use more apps -- promotions, giveaways & contests

A typical post for Trek:

Nunavut: Arts Cafe Iqaluit


Stuff Done Right

  • Compelling cover photo showcases intriguing local area
  • Updated events app

Ways to Improve

  • Hide Like count from the Timeline
  • Post a more interesting mix of content to boost engagement -- use lots of photos & links

Great cross-promotion with organizations in the community:


Yukon: Fusion Restaurant (This restaurant is now closed)


Stuff Done Right

  • About section on Timeline has all the basics -- address, phone number & hours of operation
  • Lots of sushi pics -- which are some of the most popular posts on the page

Ways to Improve

  • Update events app more often
  • Posts should showcase local surroundings
  • Make use of more apps -- contests, giveaways, build mailing list
  • Description on cover photo is good, but caption should also contain link to website
  • Profile image should also have a link

Funny memes are good for a Like or 2.

Key Takeaways

Here are the main takeaways that you can apply to your page:

1. Cover photo

  • Use high-quality, branded cover images
  • Include a caption on the cover photo -- so if a fan clicks it, they can read a description & click a link to your website
  • Logos make great profile images -- they should be optimized to look great in the news feed


2. About section

  • Complete the section & include:
    • Contact info with your website, address & phone number
    • Hours of operation
    • Price range & payment methods
    • Services & food type
    • Description, history & other unique info

3. Apps

  • Hide the fan count
  • Use apps for contests, reservations, events, menus, newsletters, etc.
  • Add high-quality images as app thumbnails


4. Posts

  • Post a strong mix of updates every day -- include:
    • text updates: questions, fill-in-the-blanks, inspirational quotes, trivia
    • photos (funny, inspirational, or of your food)
    • links to your website
  • Use contests & giveaways to get visitors to:
    • provide their email
    • check-in at the restaurant
    • comment on your posts


5. Engagement

  • Respond to all fans who post on your page in a reasonable time period (within 24 hours, if possible)


Those are some tips you can use to improve your page. Now post your favorite restaurant Facebook page in the comments below.

Pat Parkinson
Pat Parkinson

Pat is Chief Propaganda Officer & Brand Journalist at Post Planner. When he's not snowboarding, fly-fishing or traversing continents, he gets the dirt & spreads the word.


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